Samsung Brings Gaming Skills and Smarts to Their New Monitor Lineup!

Samsung does many things extremely well, but one of the areas where they really shine is in their monitors and televisions. It’s never a dull moment when Samsung starts refreshing anything with a screen, and they’ve certainly released a slew of exciting monitors at CES 2023!

Samsung Brings Gaming Skills and Smarts to Their New Monitor Lineup!

We’ll start with the monitors. If you want to get lost in your screen and feel as immersed as possible, you want the Odyssey Neo G9.

It’s a single monitor with dual ultra-high definition resolution, the better to accommodate its 57″ curved screen [note for the math challenged: that means this monitor is 4’75”, making it taller than some of my son’s classmates!].

They use quantum mini LED technology with a matte display so you won’t get any glare or distractions while you’re facing off against creepers in Minecraft.

It also rocks DisplayPort 2.1, which is twice as fast as the prior DisplayPort 1.4, plus a 240Hz refresh rate so nothing will get past you.

Samsung Brings Gaming Skills and Smarts to Their New Monitor Lineup!

OLED fans aren’t forgotten either with the new Odyssey OLED G9, offering a 49″ curved display and a 32:9 aspect ratio.

Because it uses OLED each pixel has its own illumination, so no backlight is needed. The blacks and RGB colors come through as clearly as possible. There’s also a 240Hz refresh rate, which makes gameplay that much smoother.

Finally, this monitor is so powerful it doesn’t even need a PC to run Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube, thanks to Samsung’s Smart Hub.

The same magic connectivity to streaming extends to Samsung Gaming Hub, which is an all-in-one platform that lets you play games directly from Xbox and NVIDIA GeForce Now without a console or PC needed.

Samsung Brings Gaming Skills and Smarts to Their New Monitor Lineup!

Sometimes you have to get work done on your monitor, as much as you’d rather game all day. The ViewFinity S9 is a 5K, 27″ screen that is specifically calibrated for color accuracy, while the matte display keeps glare from getting in the way.

It also sports USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 connections, so you can easily sync photos, videos, and other media. And if you’re working collaboratively, there’s a 4K SlimFit camera for video conferencing.

Samsung Brings Gaming Skills and Smarts to Their New Monitor Lineup!

Finally, maybe your desktop is tired of doing all the work and wishes the monitor would do more to earn its keep. Enter the Smart Monitor M8, which will be coming in a 27″ as well as a 32″ size.

Both offer a 4K resolution, and you can color-coordinate with your decor by choosing Daylight Blue, Spring Green, Sunset Pink, or Warm White.

The real standout here is the SmartThings Hub, which allows you to control your lights, cameras, doorbells, thermostats, locks, and other smart home items. You can also use the Smart Monitor M8 to access Samsung’s Smart Hub and Gaming Hub so you can stream and game as well!

No matter what your monitor needs, Samsung has you covered.

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