Hang Enbrighten Eternity Lights Once, and You’ll Enjoy Permanent Outdoor Accent and Holiday Lighting Year-Round

There’s something magical about lighted neighborhoods during the holidays. Whether the lights are a minimalistic white or an over-the-top cha-cha display, I love looking at their festive effect. Even so, I’ve never strung lights on my own home; I’ve always thought that doing so would be a hassle, especially since you have to remove them a month or so later and have a safe place to store them. But the new  Enbrighten Eternity Lights are making me rethink my stance; they are permanent outdoor LED lights that, once installed, remain in place year-round, providing many outside lighting options.

 Enbrighten Eternity Lights installed on a home

Enbrighten Eternity Lights are permanent outdoor lights that integrate seamlessly into your smart home setup. They offer customizable colors, dynamic modes, and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Google. Best of all, they stay in place once hung, so you can use them as year-round accent lighting, which I think is brilliant!

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Enbrighten Eternity Lights are certified to meet ETL and National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for outdoor lights, and they’re made to withstand all outdoor weather conditions, including temperatures ranging from -4°F to 131°F. On top of that, they come with a lifetime guarantee!

Using state-of-the-art RGBWIC LEDs, Eternity Lights offer vivid and fun illumination of your home’s exterior in any colors you can imagine, whether it’s tunable, dimmable white light year-round, or color-matched celebrate any holiday on the calendar.

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Enbrighten Eternity Lights are available with black or white strands so that you can install them on your eaves, pergola, balcony, or any other outdoor space. They’ll blend in when turned off — without obvious bulbs hanging from their cords, so you won’t have to worry about being the neighbor who was too lazy to remove their lights.

Want to create custom scenes and templates for different occasions, from everyday lighting to holiday displays? That’s no problem.

The all-in-one kit makes installation easy; it includes mounting brackets, screws, and tape, and additional accessories and extension cables are also available if you need to customize the light setup.

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Enbrighten Eternity Lights are available now, starting at $159.99 for a 50′ strand and $249.99 for a 100′ strand. You can also feel good about your purchase because 50% of the net profits from your purchases are donated to charitable causes.

Give your home a lighting upgrade with  Enbrighten Eternity Lights; they are available directly from the manufacturer and Amazon.

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