Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 Review: The Next Gen of True Wireless Earbuds Contains Some Excellent Updates

The Lowdown

The Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 earbuds are impressive—they are perfect for anyone looking for high-quality, durable, and versatile true wireless earphones. These earbuds have impressed me with features like enhanced spatial sound, improved noise management, and a revolutionary smart case.



  • Improved sound
  • Spatial audio
  • Amazing Battery life
  • Quick-charge
  • Stay put
  • Clear calls
  • Good ANC with HearThrough
  • Battery case is unique and ideal for travel


The Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 true wireless earbuds are noteworthy in an ever-more-crowded market. With impressive durability and cutting-edge technology, these earbuds are ready for anything. Whether you’re hitting the gym, heading out for a run, or lounging at home, these TWEs are prepared to keep the music, calls, and podcasts going.

Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 retail box

I’ve been using Jabra True Wireless Earphones since the company first stepped into this part of the market. Their early TWE earphones were quite good and have consistently improved, but the new Gen 2 Jabra Elite 8 Active is my favorite Jabra TWE.

They have a slightly longer stem going into the ear than the top-of-the-line Elite 10 and fit and seal better in my ear. They sound better than ever and now include Dolby audio and spacial audio.

The active noise cancellation, which was already quite good in Jabra TWE, is even better and more effective at blocking noise. The new Gen 2 model includes a neutral hear-through mode to keep the earphones in, be aware of your surroundings, or even carry on conversations. Battery life is also impressive.

In short, the Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 are durable, great-sounding earphones that anyone in the market should seriously consider for something new.

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By far, the most significant change here is the new Smart Case. In addition to protecting the earbuds when they are not in use and recharging them so you don’t need to run to an outlet each time the battery runs down, they now function as a transmitter.

Using the included cable with a dual USB-C/3.5mm plug on one side, you can connect the case to an airplane entertainment system or your treadmill.

Once the case is plugged in via the cable, you push the pairing button on the case. It automatically connects to the earbuds and uses the case to send the audio to them. Thanks to this unique battery case feature, great sound is available on the go. Now that’s thinking outside the box!!

Let’s dig in a bit more deeply into why these earbuds are so impressive.

Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 in charging case

Second-generation products are often small, incremental improvements over the product they replace. They may get slightly better battery life or improved sound or ANC, but they are the same product overall.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 doesn’t follow that path. It looks like the version it replaces, but the improvements and new technologies it includes make it something special.

  • Smart Case with LE Audio: As mentioned, the new smart case is more than just a protective shell; it’s a game changer. Equipped with LE Audio, it offers seamless plug-and-play connectivity, allowing you to pair the earbuds with almost any device using either the USB-C or a 3.5mm jack. The cable included includes both types of connections, so one cable charges the case and connects to various sources. I’m excited to try them out when I fly to Boston this Thursday and then on a ten-hour flight a few days later. The timing of the arrival of the Gen 2 Elite Active 8 couldn’t be better!!
  • Spatial Sound: Jabra has always provided excellent audio, but the improvements with the enhanced spatial sound delivered by the Elite 8 Active are particularly noteworthy. Dolby Audio ensures crisp, clear audio and has been a joy to listen to since they arrived for review. Connect the earbuds to the free Jabra app to customize the sound (and the controls).
  • Improved Noise Management: Jabra’s first foray into ANC was good but could have been more exceptional. Thankfully, each new iteration of their TWEs has upped their ANC game significantly. That is particularly true with these Gen 2 earbuds. The Adaptive Hybrid ANC provides excellent noise cancellation, even in extreme conditions. I’ve tested them out at home with the dishwasher, air conditioner, and barking dogs, and they work well. But for me, the real test will come when I use them on my upcoming flights. If they can let me travel in quiet comfort, I’ll be a happy man.

In addition, because these earbuds join Jabra’s “active” line, they are designed to be durable enough to withstand the elements.

Dust Protection: The Elite 8 Active Gen 2 earbuds offer the highest dust protection level and meet US Military standards (MIL-STD-810H) to ensure they’re built to last. Going to the beach? No problem; the sand, wind, and dust won’t stop the music.

Water Resistance: The Elite 8 Active Gen 2 has an IP68 rating. That means they can withstand wet sweat, handle a sudden downpour, or even deal with submersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep. This makes these TWEs perfect for workouts in the rain or hot yoga sessions and great for travel.

Smart Case: The Smart Case is extra durable and designed to withstand the elements. (Considering it’s a BATTERY case, I wouldn’t push to see how far it can go, but it is IP-rated.)

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Secure Fit: The Elite 8 Active employs Jabra’s ShakeGrip technology to ensure they stay put no matter how much you move. Thanks to a springy silicone coating, they remain in place, providing a secure and comfortable fit without additional ear wings.

Since the review sample arrived, I’ve been using them to fall asleep to music and block out the sound of my CPAP machine. These are the first earbuds that have stayed in place all night. The ShakeGrip technology is so effective that it keeps them in place while I toss and turn overnight.

Clear Calls: Of course, earbuds are not just for listening to music, podcasts, and movies—sometimes, you have to make or take a call, and these earbuds are also ready for that. Six built-in microphones, specialist mesh to block wind noise, and advanced noise cancellation algorithms ensure your calls are clear no matter where you are.

Long Battery Life: Between the earbuds and battery case, you can expect up to 32 hours of use with ANC on and up to 56 hours with ANC off. The battery case can be recharged via USB-C or wirelessly.

Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 Review: The Next Gen of True Wireless Earbuds Contains Some Excellent Updates

The battery life breakdown looks like this:
* Music time total ANC off (earbuds & charging case): Up to 56 hours
* Music time ANC off (earbuds): Up to 14 hours
* Music time with ANC (earbuds): Up to 8 hours
* Music time with ANC (earbuds & charging case) p: Up to 32 hours
* Wireless charging: Yes
* Charging time: Up to 3 hours
* Fast charge: 5 minutes will give up to 1 hour
* Standby time: Up to 315 days

Easy Pairing and Connectivity: Pairing is a breeze with the smart case. Connect it to your device using the dual-end cable, remove the earbuds, and hit the pairing button. You’re ready to go!

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I’ve been a fan of Jabra’s true wireless earphones for years, and the Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 is my favorite. The slightly longer stem fits better in my ears, and the sound quality is unparalleled. Dolby and spatial audio features make a noticeable difference, enhancing the listening experience. The Adaptive Hybrid ANC is incredibly effective, and the Natural HearThrough feature allows me to stay aware of my surroundings without removing my earbuds.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 earbuds are impressive—they are perfect for anyone looking for high-quality, durable, and versatile true wireless earphones. These earbuds have impressed me with features like enhanced spatial sound, improved noise management, and a revolutionary smart case. I’ll update this review after my upcoming trips. Will these also be among the best TWE for travel? I’ll let you know.

The Jabra Elite 8 Active Gen 2 retail for $229.99; they are available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Improved sound; Spatial audio; Amazing Battery life; Quick-charge; Stay put; Clear calls; Good ANC with HearThrough; Battery case is unique and ideal for travel

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far!

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