TP-LINK 10400mAh Power Bank External Battery Review

If you have a mobile phone, then power management is something that just goes with the territory. Even the new iPhones and Sony Xperias with their larger batteries will still have their moments of inexplicable drains; it’s better to be safe than sorry, so just plan ahead and carry an extended battery pack like the TP-LINK 10400mAh Power Bank.

TP-Link Debuts its 300Mbps Wireless Range Extender Powerline Edition at CES 2014

TP-Link has debuted its new 300Mbps Wireless Range Extender Powerline Edition, which improves upon traditional wireless signals by creating a stable connection through your home’s existing electrical wiring.  With the TL-WPA4220KIT, you’re able to access your network via WiFi as well as wired Ethernet without wiring your house with Ethernet cable.  Read more about it at TP-Link’s website.

TP-Link AV500 Gigabit Powerline Adapter Starter Kit Review

  WiFi, 3G, and 4G connections to our devices have frequently spoiled us with almost universal access to data.  Nine times out of ten, if I am connecting to the internet it is in a wireless fashion.  However, there’s always that one old desktop that you want to run Linux on or an old non-connected game system. Or maybe you just want to set up another wireless access point on the second floor of your home, but you don’t have a wire or a way to run a wire through your wall.  That’s all changed with devices like TP-Link’s AV500 Gigabit Powerline…

TP-Link Brings Out New Power Over Ethernet Switch for Businesses

My experience with TP-Link is more from the SOHO and home product networking lines. Those routers and switches have had good performance and have been reliable in my home environment.   TP-Link also has products for the enterprise as well.  That also includes the new power over Ethernet Layer 2 switch they just brought out, namely the new TL-SG3424P switch.  This switch packs in: Power over Ethernet supply up to 320W Complete lineup of layer 2 features, including 802.1Q tag VLAN, Port Mirroring, STP/RSTP/MSTP, Link Aggregation Control Protocol and 802.3x 4 combo SFP slots Provides high performance, enterprise-level quality of service,…

TP-Link TL-WR702N 150Mbps Wireless N Nano Router Review

A long time ago Apple released the Airport Express.   I have always wanted one of those, and I still kind of do for other reasons.  While the Airport Express does more than just WiFi and networking, its price is still a bit high.  I am sure there are even some who just want something of a similar size that JUST does networking.  Well, TP-Link has brought out something that is even smaller than Apple’s Airport express.  In fact, it is so small I can even fit it in a small pocket on the case I used to carry my…

TP Link TL-WR941N Wireless N Router Review

Draft N routers have been around for a while.  In fact, right before Thomas from USBfever e-mailed us about this router, I had already purchased a Netgear version.  When this one came out, I decided to check it out to see how well it would work here in the US.