The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot Review

Oh the winter holidays are here again. I was feeling festive this year and was planning on buying one of them light up USB Snowmen from ThinkGeek to bring some holiday cheer to my computer workstation. What? was my reaction when searching the ThinkGeek website, no USB Snowman to be found. Oh well, maybe they will have them again soon. Then a couple of days later… on the front page of their website was revealed the ThinkGeek exclusive USB Snowbot! What they call a hybrid of robot and snowman.

WOW, they created a “Cylon” snowman, LOL! As a sci-fi junkie, I feel that Battlestar Galactic Cylons are way cool and I thought this is the greatest thing ever and ordered one right away.

Snowbot arrived a couple of days later safely packed in a nice white box printed with a picture of the snowbot, and the ThinkGeek logo. After liberating the Snowbot from the box and plugging into a USB port on my workstation computer… I was over come with much joy and happiness as the scanning LED light for its eye came to life.

The Snowbot stands 4.5″ inches tall. Is made of plastic with a nice satin like white finish. The black top hat is stuck on to its head, maybe glued on. A red scarf wrapped around its neck and secured with little patches of double sided tape at the ends so the scarf won’t get lost.

The arms and hands appear to be chrome plated plastic and can rotate and bend for various poses and holding objects. There is a coiled 12 inch USB cable which can stretch to 30 inches. This USB cable is attached the backside of the Snowbot, along with the switches for the LED light selector, sound on/off and the LED scanning speed knob.

I think the designer has a great sense of humor putting these things on the backside of the Snowbot, LOL. Above the control switches at its mid-section is a speaker grill and the copyright and ThinkGeek, Inc. stamp molded into the plastic. The LED light can be changed at a flip of the switch from red to blue. A robot voom voom sound is also controlled on/off with the second switch. The sound is a preset volume, but not so loud that you will get a headache. The control knob makes the LED sweep back and forth slow or fast depending on your preference. I like to keep mine at a little bit above of slow. Oh, I almost forgot, there is a round rubber pad on the bottom to help keep the Snowbot from sliding off whatever surface it is placed on.

The Snowbot may seem like a useless USB attachment to some, but I don’t think that is true. I think it’s a cool holiday display piece, better than all them boring display items that can be bought at a 99-cent store. The Snowbot would make for a terrific gift and I am sure that all sci-fi fans will love the Snowbot as much as I do.

The USB Snowbot is available directly from ThinkGeek.
MSRP: $12.99
What I Like: The Cylon like scanning eye and voom voom sound. Geeky way of showing your holiday spirit
What Needs Improvement: More features, like maybe having it sing holiday songs in a robot voice. A USB hub

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