The EXIM Screen Protector Review

Ever since I applied my first screen protector on my XDA II Mini I have been hooked. Since then, I have purchased a screen protector for every device I own, from PDAs, to phones, iPods and cameras.

I have only ever used one brand of screen protector and I have not yet found any reason to change. That brand is EXIM. I have found these screen protectors to be excellent in all areas, including durability, clarity and application.

My latest EXIM screen protector has been for my Treo 750v. Due to its excellent size and rubberised casing, I carry the device naked. Therefore the screen is always out there, waiting for a bit of grit on the end of my stylus or some stray fragment in my pocket.

I purchased the screen protector on eBay for AU$12. They are available for hundreds of devices and can be purchased around the world. I? received the protector about a week after purchase. It comes inside a small plastic sheath, inside a sandwich board-style package with the brand name and specific device on the front, and the features of the protector on the back. Simple but effective. Hey we are just talking about a small piece of plastic after all 😛

I noticed in this latest purchase that the small cleaning cloth (like those used for glasses) is now absent. I have to say I found it to be a pretty useless addition, and something that I threw away in the past.

The screen protector comes with a thin film over the adhesive side. A small tab allows you to pull it back when applying the protector. Before doing so, make sure the screen is perfectly clean. Any little spec of dust will show up and annoy you for ages.

Once the screen is clean peal back approximately half of the film and start sticking the protector to the screen. You should see it start to disappear as it sticks to the screen. I somehow managed to put mine on crooked the first time, so very gently using my fingernail I pulled up an edge, took the protector off and put it on correctly. One great thing about these type of protectors is they can be removed and reapplied.

Now that the protector is straight you cannot tell it’s there. It is a perfect fit, extending out to about half a millimetre to each side of the sunken screen. You won’t have to worry about your stylus falling off the side of the protector as its fit is perfect!! The screen is a clear as it was before I applied the screen protector.

I feel much more comfortable now slipping my Treo into my pocket knowing that every tiny spec of dust is not going to scratch its gorgeous screen. I would highly recommend the EXIM brand screen protectors to anyone. At present, I have one on my Treo, Nokia N73 and Casio digital camera. My dad has one on his Nokia N70 and Casio digital camera, and he too could not be happier!!??

-This article was written on my Treo using the thumboard.

The EXIM Screen?Protector is available directly from the manufacturer as well as from other sources – like eBay.
MSRP: $Varies by device
What I Like: I have found these screen protectors to be excellent in all areas, including durability, clarity and application.
What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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