From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

Over a month ago G-A told me he was going to post about the new SPH-P9000 UMPC with a built in keyboard, and I couldn’t wait to see it in person. Today, I finally did.

Take a look, and tell me what you think…

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

The Samsung SPH-P9000 has a 5″ screen, runs XP (I bet it will also run Vista when released here), has a full keyboard, and it folds up and out, like what one might expect of a device from the line that once used the code name “Origami”.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

I don’t have a lot of information yet, mainly that it will be available in Korea at the beginning of the year and offered in the US by Sprint in early 2008.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

It will cost “under $2,000”, but the price includes the full connectivity kit, leather carry case, and a tiny Bluetooth phone.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

I’ve posted some of the pictures here, you can see the rest at my Flickr account.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

Vincent got some video of it in action, so I’ll be posting about that later.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

What do you think? Without a full set of specs (G-A’s site lists “30GB hard disk, 256MB of RAM, a 5 display, a 1GHz CPU, WiMAX, CDMA EV-DO, and a 1.3Mpix camera”), I know it is hard to really say whether or not this would be the ultimate UMPC, but it looks pretty darn impressive in person.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

I do wonder if the split in the middle of the keyboard would make typing really weird, and what kind of battery life it might get.

From the Samsung Summit, the SPH P9000

Your thoughts?

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  • Hi Judie.

    My first thoughts are – Bluetooth phone – great idea.
    Can one type on it with thumbs or without resting it on a surface.


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  • My thoughts are: I’m raising my hand now, I’m registering, I’m submitting my entry, and when you
    give THIS ONE away, I am SO ready to win. I’ll pay the shipping this time (I know—I am SUCH a big sport……) david.

  • MitchellO

    That looks very neat!! Are you able to use it with just the screen exposed like a tablet PC?

  • dougom

    My questions:

    o) Touchscreen, yes or no?
    o) If a touchscreen, can you fold it back around, similar to the HTC Universal, so that you don’t have to use the keyboard?
    o) Screen size is 5″–good! Screen default resolution?
    o) What kind of other things are we talking about, here? USB ports? built-in wifi, bluetooth, 3G support? What?

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  • khurram_farooq

    I am also one of those who registered to comment on your Virtual Keyboard post, but since I am already logged in, I might as well give my 2 cents worth here. I had the chance to handle one of these babies at Gitex in Dubai last month. Here’s a video of it in action:

    The major drawback from considering it to be an ultimate UMPC is the fact that it doesn’t have a touchscreen. I confirmed it myself (the dumb blondes at the stalls usually have no idea 🙂 ) However, it is a very refreshing concept. If there was some way to add a touchscreen, as well as change the folding mechanism so that the part with the screen stays on top and can be folded in two ways: flipped with the screen facing in for protection, and the screen facing out for data entry. That would be awesome!

  • Hi guys, I just got in from New York or would have answered sooner…talk about a fast trip, and I am beat – but it was such a great experience. 😀

    So ANYWAY!

    Khurram, thank you for answering those questions and for posting your video! 🙂

    Guys, it is not a perfect UMPC, but it is getting closer to ideal in many ways. The connectivity and the WiMAX network ability alone make it something special! I want to try one out – and yes, if I ever get one to give away you’re entered David! 😉

    Best I can tell, the keyboard needs to be somewhat flat – like on the user’s knees. The keyboard is larger than a thumbboard by far – maybe 3/4 a regular keyboard? (rough guess!!)

    It has several ports – but they are not necessarily built-in. Look at these pictures for more detail: and

    I’ll post a little bit more about the P9000 and a lot more about?4G and WiMAX tomorrow.?It’s bedtime now. 😛

  • I have yet to see a UMPC that would attract me and my $$. I like converged, but I can’t see spending that much $$ on something that won’t be a desktop replacement. I just can’t and won’t do it.

    Now… guess who’s been a good boy and getting a new Mac Book Pro today?? 😀

  • dougom

    Hm. Well, I hate to be negative, because overall I like the form factor, but I have to say that without a touchscreen, and given when people say “less than $2000” what they usually mean is “$1999.99,” I just don’t see how it is attractive. And what is the weight? Is it in the 1Kg range, between 1lb and 1Kg, or less than 1 lb? Because if it’s more than a pound, and if it comes in near a grand, and it doesn’t have a touchscreen, why not get a Sony Vaio UX? And given a 2008 release date, I’m guessing Sony will have both a reduced-cost version of the UX, as well as a solid-state HDD version available. Not to mention whatever uber-PDA/microUMPC device HTC is going to come out with in the first half of 2007. Or perhaps even the rumored Nokia E90.

    I dunno; it’s cute and all, but I don’t see it doing that well, honestly. I’m just going to keep a’waitin’.

  • All good points Doug, but I have a strong suspicion that since it will be over a year before the P9000 is released in the US, the Korean version we were shown will not be the final version that ends up here. Of course, I could be wrong.

    Although the P9000 is not what I think of when I think of my ideal UMPC, it is certainly innovative and when you see what they folded up into such a tiny package – its one of those things you just want to play with!

    But the price is a killer…

    And it’s not the eReader or movie machine we are always pining for. :sigh:

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