The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review

Some days it seems as if I have seen just about every form a USB flash memory device could take, but every now and then a product will come along and make me think “hey, that was a great idea!” The Brando USB Flash Card is just such an item.

Measuring 3.4″ long x 2.1″ wide x 0.15″ thick, the USB Flash Card is the exact size of a credit card, and the approximate thickness of three.

The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review
This one’s for all the DaVinci Code buffs. 😉

The USB Flash Card is available in 1GB size, and unlike the Walletex memory card I reviewed last year, it does not have an exposed USB dongle and it is less expensive; the tradeoff is that it is slightly thicker.

USB Revision 2.0 compliant
USB 1.0 backward compatible
Plug and Play – Supports Windows 2000 and up without additional drivers
Supports Linux Kernel v2.4.10 and up without driver
Supports Mac OS 8.6 and up without driver

Part of the reason for the thicker size is that a full-size USB plug has been built into the card.

The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review

The USB plug is attached to a 1.5″ dongle which swings out of its built-in receptacle…

The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review

When not in use, the USB plug is held in place by a plastic ridge in the card’s receptacle.

The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review

The Brando USB Flash Card is available in several patterns including flowered, a Christmas scene, the Mona Lisa, and plain white. It is also possible to get your own logo or image on the card, which would make it one of the most useful company give-aways I’ve seen in some time.

When the card is plugged in to a USB slot, the LED on the upper left will flicker, showing that the flash memory is being accessed. It will glow solid red when the card is plugged in but not being used.

The Brando 1GB USB Flash Card Review

Transfer time for the 448MB Mission Impossible III movie file was 3 minutes and 26 seconds from my computer to the USB Flash Card. Transfer from the card back to computer took 42 seconds.

The Brando USB Flash Card is sized to conveniently fit in almost any pocket. It manages to hold and carry large amounts of information, but there is one caveat. Although the packaging mentions that there is a “security function”, I could not find any built-in security software or a secret switch that would render the card unusable to anyone other than its proper owner. With that said, this would make a handy and attractive stocking stuffer for the student on your list.


The Brando USB Flash Card is available directly from the manufacturer.
MSRP: $39.00
What I Like: Shaped like a credit card, fits in any pocket, attractive, can be personalized
What Needs Improvement: Some people might need built-in security or password capability, this card has none


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  • Allen Hong

    Very nice flash drive. I like it! They should have more designs, such as something to appeal to techs and scifi buffs. Since its credit card size… the Jimi wallet should make a nice carry case for that extra protection.

  • Allen Hong

    Oh by the way… I think there is enough room in one of these to fit a fingerprint scanner to make a secure version. That would be awesome!

  • Well, it might be worth it to see how much a custom print would be…if not too much, you could get a picture of your Snowbot! 😆

    A fingerprint scanner would be awesome! 🙂

  • Allen Hong

    Hey Judie, the pic of Snowbot on the device would be sweet!

  • meinrosebud

    Nice convenient method of carrying my data around in my wallet great!