Cold Hands No More: Warmmi USB Heating Gloves Review

Spring is here and if you’re lucky to have a cubicle space that has a window view with authentic sunlight streaming in, it may still be frigid inside with the air conditioner running full blast. On such a nice day!

Then again, I once worked at a start-up tech company where there was no heat during my winter of discontent. There were many nights of wearing my layered clothing under a down jacket. Although the old computer that was assigned to me was a wood-burning model, it emitted no heat to warm my freezing fingers. And we all know productivity is hampered by sitting on one’s hands. Complaining is futile.

Hopefully those days are over, as the USB Heating Gloves by Warmmi is the answer! Available from Vavolo, as with all USB gadgets, it’s a simple plug and type into an available USB port (one for each glove). Inside of five minutes, your hands and fingertips will go into defrost mode.

Each glove has a 46 inch cable length from the USB plug to the on/off switch. From there, the glove has an additional 22″ detachable cord, to disconnect the gloves without fussing with the USB port. Nice touch.

The glove is made of a soft wool fleece with cutouts for four fingers and a stitched opening for the thumb.

The glove has a fold back pocket for a mitten look held in place by a loop around a button.

Once plugged in, the heating pads located on the top of the hands emit a soft warm temperature.

While there is no thermostat, there are 2 level heating controls, with no discomfort or enough heat generated (52 degrees with a 10 degree rise over five minutes) to make the hands NOT clammy.

And we all know that worse than a cold handshake is a clammy handshake. Or the universally reviled dead fish handshake. But I digress.

Even if you’re not in an cubicle environment, the gloves easily fit into your laptop bag for outside use while sipping a latte in front of your Windows PC laptop or a MacBook. For that matter, any device that has a USB port such as a PlayStation or Xbox 360. Just remember to carry a USB hub.

If there’s a evening spring chill in the air, your hands are warm and protected while your body and mindset are enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Just find some WiFi and prop up your feet!

Got cold feet? Available footwear in two styles are available:

Warmmi USB Heating Warm Slipper
List 39.00 on sale for $19.99


Warmmi USB Heating Slippers in Brown List $38.00 on sale for 19.99

Earmuffs with built ear buds would be cool too, but not available yet.

Available from: Vavola

List: $35.00 on sale for $19.00

What I like: The geek factor; fits my big hands; ideal present for all ages and a thoughtful gift for the receptionist.

What needs improvement: A larger available glove size.

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  1. Chris Magnusson | April 6, 2007 at 3:28 pm |

    I call mitts that flip back like these do “hacker mitts”. 😉

  2. “Hacker Mitts” – I learn something new everyday!

  3. @Tattyrs Um bom dia pra você tb! Bem gelado, aliás. 🙂 Preciso de um par destas… rs

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