Review: Zibra Open It! Will This Packaging Removal Tool Render Scissors Obsolete?

One thing I hate about Christmas morning is fighting the industrial strength “blister pack” around my kids’ toys. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. (Did I mention I don’t like it?). If I use a razor to open this industrial strength substance, I risk amputation of fingers. Since I have twins, the fun is doubled and somehow the kids don’t understand “it will take Dad a minute to get this open”. They want the toy opened (a) Now! and (b) Fast. Enter the Open-It! – a safer way to open almost any type of packaging known to mankind.


Even if you don’t have kids, you probably still have encountered problems cutting that industrial strength packaging. Some of it is so strong I’m convinced it costs more than the product it protects. I was delighted when for $ 9.99 I spotted the Zibra Open It! at my local Home Depot.

The Zibra Open It! bears an uncanny resemblance to a pair of garden shears. That’s where the resemblance ends.


Using these you’ll quickly slice easily through almost any packing thrown your way. Imagine yourself happily sitting on your couch — king of your holiday morning. Opening packages so quickly you become a hero to your kids, family and significant other. Adored by neighbors and co-workers.

The main use for the Zibra Open It! is cutting quickly through tough packaging without losing fingers or requiring stitches.

In ripping open several plastic cases, I found the Zibra exceeded in it’s promise to do just that. I was finally able to open everything without the mutilation phobia I have through years of using a pair of unsteady scissors on tough packaging.

Zibra has the following tools built into the unit to aid in digging through the toughest protective packaging:

Retractable knife (with safety latch) – this knife doesn’t lock into place (which I judge as a good thing) and requires you to hold the safety latch and push out to get it to stay extracted. I’ve been stuck one too many times by errant sharp objects so this automatic retractor/safety is much needed. Good to see that product design people listen!


Phillips screw driver built in (for packages that are increasingly anchored with screws). When not using the screwdriver (which is attached to the device) it folds easily and neatly into the handle.


Other uses for the Zibra Open It!?

Do you hate removing plastic from DVD and CD cases? With Zibra removing the plastic is a snap. No matter how tightly wrapped or thick the plastic – Zibra can cut through it.


Open stubborn plastic boxes of all types.


Slicing through thick wire ties

Review: Zibra Open It! Will This Packaging Removal Tool Render Scissors Obsolete?

Overall I think no household should be without a Zibra Open-It!. I found mine at the Home Depot for $ 9.99 (look on the displays at the ends of aisles). Or you can find it at for around $ 15.

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