RAVPower’s Black Friday Specials Are Worth Checking Out

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RAVPower is one of my personal favorite brands to buy accessories for all of my devices from, so I’m happy to share that the company is celebrating Black Friday this year with quite a few deals that will be great companions for your new tech gear that you plan on getting over the holidays.


Disclaimer: Since each of the items are listed as Lightning Deals, times may vary according to the time of the day, and will last for a limited time period. Check back periodically to see if the deal has gone live.

RAVPower’s Black Friday Specials Are Worth Checking Out

If you’re always running out of battery for your devices when you’re out and on the go, look no further than RavPower’s 16,750mAh Portable Charger. With enough battery life to get you through that Holiday at the in-laws, the portable battery pack is on sale for Black Friday for $29.24.


RAVPower’s Black Friday Specials Are Worth Checking Out

One of the most discounted products from RavPower this year is their 27,000mAh 100-watt Built-in 3-Prong AC Plug and Power Bank. Typically this would set you back $399, but for this one day, you can grab this steal for $109.49.


RAVPower’s Black Friday Specials Are Worth Checking Out

My mother is a firm believer in having a Car Jump Starter in her auto for those unexpected circumstances, and luckily RavPower has your back, as you can purchase their 10,000A Peak Current Quick Charge 12-volt jump starter on Friday for $55.


RAVPower’s Black Friday Specials Are Worth Checking Out

Chances are you’ll be traveling via car for the holidays, visiting various family members, exchanging gifts, but what about when your phone’s battery when you’re on that long road trip? Get yourself RavPower’s Quick Charge 3.0 54-watt Four-port car charger, so you don’t have to have to hear from the family from the backseat “are you done charging yet?”, as it’s on sale for $10.99.

If you’re technology has made it over to USB-C, and you still need an extra cable in order to charge your devices, you need to hurry and purchase a 3-in-1 Pack of USB-C to Micro-USB cables for $6.39, a 2-pack of USB-A to USB-C for $7.49, or even a USB-C to USB-C for $9.59.

There are plenty of other deals that you should truly check out by RavPower that include everything from Outdoor Portable Solar Chargers, to Power Packs, and even a Mini Surge Protector. You can find all of these deals and more by Visiting RavPower’s Amazon Page today.

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