Tazz Virtual Makeovers Make (almost) Anyone Look Good


Tazz is an online makeover site that does an admirable job of recognizing your facial features from an uploaded photograph. You experiment in real time with different hairstyles, eye color (different contact lenses) makeup (colors and shades). There’s an easy way to compare before and after photos and share them with friends. Thinking this would improve my self-portrait that I used in the reader contest a month ago – I decided to give the service a shot. The results aren’t pretty – so you may want to skip them and just use the link below to upload and try the service on your own photo.

Linkhttp://www.taaz.com to try a free makeover of your own.

Step one of the test was to upload a photo. Since I had my GearDiary contest entry photo handy, I decided to really put the service to the test and see what I could do to improve the picture.

Here’s the raw photo that I used to start the process:


Taaz first asks you to define the specific areas of your face. You’ll point out the areas around your eyes and drag an outline to approximate the shape of your eye as well as the approximate location of your pupil.


Once the areas of your face have been defined by the software, you can apply makeup. I chose to see if my skin could be improved with some concealer. Based on an analysis of my skin, the site recommended the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener.

Picture 52.png

You also have the ability to try on all different types of hair styles. Each of the hairstyles was a pretty good fit to my head – so switching between them did not require any editing of the on-screen image.


I think there was some improvement, but it was really difficult to tell.



The Taaz service is free though you do have to register to use it and upload photographs. Once you’ve completed your makeover – you can print or email before and after photographs so your friends can help you select your new style. Enjoy!

Link: http://www.taaz.com

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