The Skooba Design DIY Skooba Skin Review

Every now and then I like to step away from the computer and do my creating in an organic manner; one of my favorite means of artistic expression is embroidery, which I have been terribly lax about doing lately.

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

I was sent a Skooba Design DIY Skooba Skin last year, and after wasting half a moment considering whether I should attempt to draw (or rather, paint) something amazing to fill its off-white surface, I knew that it was again time to bust out my needles and threads…

But first. let’s talk about the four Skooba Sleeve sizes available:

MICRO 12.25″L x 8.75″H x 1.25″W
1012 13.25″L x 9.75″H x 1.5″W
1415 14.25″L x 11.25″H x 1.75″W
1617 16.25″L x 11.75″H x 2″W

As you have probably guessed, the numbers next to the sizes represent the laptop screen range each will fit. I was sent the 1012, which will fit a 10 – 12″ screen laptop. The small (1012)’s approximate measurements are 13″ wide x 9.25″ tall (flaps folded down) x 1.5″ deep.

In it’s most compact form, the Skooba Sleeve folds over itself as I have shown here. In this configuration, it is perfect for slipping inside another bag or for carrying as a portfolio in the crook of your arm.

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

But when you undo the flaps of the Skooba Skin, something special happens…

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

…a pair of handles are revealed! In this manner, you can carry the Skooba Skin briefcase-style.

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

The Skooba Skin’s exterior is composed of a slightly nubby, off-white cotton material which is perfect for permanent markers, puff-pens, paint-pens, glued-on accoutrements and patches. The fully padded interior is finished in a lovely red nylon.

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

Okay! Here is a closeup of my pink panda and her bamboo dinner; I just finished her last night. :mrgreen:

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

I suppose I could do something to the back…but I think I will leave it blank for now.

Gear Diary's DIY Skooba Design Skooba Sleeve

If the thought of decorating a Skooba Skin gives you the heebie-jeebies, but you still want the convenience of this convertible, then there is no reason to fret. The Skooba Skin is also available in seven different color combinations that won’t require you doing anything creative – other than picking out the one that most suits you. 🙂

The Skooba Design DIY Skooba Skin is available directly from the manufacturer and other retailers.
MSRP: $27.95, currently on sale for $20.96
What I Like: I had fun creating the ultimate personalized laptop sleeve; properly protects laptops whether they are carried in another bag or on their own in the sleeve
What Needs Improvement: How is it that I no longer own a laptop small enough to put in this sleeve? 🙁

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  1. Judie, and you say you have no artistic talent, that is bologna. I am no good at needle work- much to my grandmothers chagrin. Now this is a much better deal then the Fendi- and I would not be afraid to paint it- I have ordered just ordered mine!
    good job on your panda and her belly button!

  2. My numb right pointer-finger thanks you. 😀 I want to see yours when you are done, too.

  3. Judie, you got it! I am actually thinking about having my graduating 8th grade students each do something- there are only 3 this yr! They are very talented students and think it would make a great teacher bag-
    I will see if Wayne will take a photo and post it for me- I am the gadget-phobic!

  4. Very cool! If you all do one, then I want to see those, too. 😉

  5. Best DIY Skooba Design I have seen! Judie, if there was a contest, you would take first prize.

  6. Awwww, thanks Allen. 😀

  7. Weew this one is just too cute 🙂 my friend is a big fan of all things pandas, and she transmitted that to me. nice work!

  8. Thank you Rita. 😀

  9. I end up personalizing just about everything– this is really neat 😀 (although to be honest I would be afraid of messing up on something cool and…well, not *expensive*, but I wouldn’t buy another if I did mess up!)

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