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September 18, 2008 • Reviews

Review: The Agent18 MacBook Air Shield

The MacBook Air is a beautiful piece of electronics. It is sleek, stylish and… well, just plain cool. But while its aluminum construction is certainly more durable than, say, the current (and soon to be phased out) version of the MacBook, without too much difficulty the Air can get pretty banged up and scuffed. Within a short period of time “beautiful” can become “beat up”.

And that is a problem on a device like the MBA.

On the one hand you want to protect it while on the other, while on the other you don’t want to lose the sleek beauty that drew you to the MBA in the first place.

That’s where Agent18’s amazing Shield comes in.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about the Agent 18 MacBook Air Shield at first. It reminded me of the leather “bras” that were used to protect the front end of sports cars a number of years ago.

Once I actually saw the Shield and put it on my MBA, however, I was sold. The MacBook Air Shield brings amazing protection to the MBA without sacrificing the cool, sleek styling.

Made from a strong, light, polycarbonate material, the two piece design easily snaps on the top and bottom of the notebook.

It protects almost the entire device without covering the connectors (few as they are on the MBA) and allowing the vents to remain entirely unblocked.

Best of all, the protection doesn’t come at the cost of the MBA’s aesthetics.

If I have any criticism of the Shield it the clear top that allows the aluminum and the requisite Apple logo to show through. Personally I would have much preferred the top be a single piece in a single color. This is, however, minor compared to the excellent protection it offers.

I think the Shield is great. If I had not exchanged my MBA for a more powerful MacBook Pro a few weeks ago it would DEFINITELY be on my MBA all the time.

The Agent18 MacBook Air Shield is available in white and black for a retail price of just $49.95.

What I Like: Excellent protection without sacrificing style

What I Don’t: I could do without the clear window at the top.

For more information or to, order one jump to the Agent18 site HERE.

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  1. I have Dan’s “old” Agent18 MBA Shield now, and I just want to echo how great it is! It’s been on my laptop since he sent it, and I love how it adds protection without bulk. 😀

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