DIY Mini Desktop Air Conditioner with Ice, a Burger Box and Small Fan

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Yesterday here in Connecticut it was hazy, hot and humid. Then thundershowers passed through. Afterwards it was still – hazy, hot and humid. If you’re stuck in an enclosed space trying to fight the heat – check out this do it yourself mini-desktop air conditioner. It runs entirely on batteries and is fueled by ice. If you have a spare hamburg box, some ice and a small battery powered fan – you’re in business. More photos follow.

Here’s your parts list:
— Burger styrofoam box
— A small exhaust pc brushless DC fan the thicker the width the better!!thin fans wont have much airflow so thicker ones are better!
— Some mounting tape
— Multi purpose glue
— A huge big pc heatsink – longer fins…better
— Or and alternative to the heatsink is cutting a can into rectangular shape with holes in it. This is what concentrates the air flow
— Power for the fan itself(batteries)
— Lots of ice cubes

Total cost should be under $5.

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Now add Ice to the bottom of the container. When you put the two halves together, your cooling fan is on the top and out of the water (the heat sink sticks down into the cool ice to distribute the cold. Power up and enjoy!

Obviously this will only cool small spaces. In a heat wave – some relief is better than none. And it’s cheap to make.

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Can also serve as a mini-fridge for your lunch!

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DIY Mini Desktop Air Conditioner  – Instructables

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  1. My office has the opposite problem, TOO cold.
    There are people here that have heaters under their desks to keep them warm in the air conditioner’d freeze, and lots of sweater wearers.

  2. Chris Magnusson | June 30, 2008 at 5:59 pm |

    Finally! Something to do with that spare CPU cooler I’ve hung on to for six years!

  3. itu batrenya pake batre apaan

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