Review: Proporta Gadget Bag – Asus Eee PC

When Asus brought out the Eee PC, they did think to include a case.  The neoprene case holds just the Eee PC itself, but if you need to carry the Eee PC and a few things, you’ll need something else.

Enter the Proporta Gadget Bag.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

As you can see, it’s barely as wide as the Eee PC itself.  This case is the most ideal carrying solution that I have found for the Eee PC 701.  It is lightweight, very durable, and each compartment is padded so you won’t have to worry about bumps damaging your Eee or anything else.

Here’s what the case looks like when empty.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Here is what it looks like packed up from the side.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

And here’s what the back looks like.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Now you have seen it packed and unpacked; here’s all the stuff I have in the bag.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Now you can see that this diminutive bag can let you take a ton of little things that you may need to take with your little Eee PC.  If this was just a one piece bag, it would be cool.  However, it’s NOT just a one piece bag; it has two compartments that can zip completely off the bag.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Now with all of the compartments zipped off…

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Now you notice the little hole.  This is a pass through and each compartment has one; here’s one of the compartments with the power cord passing through.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Now here’s the main compartment with the compartments zipped on and the cord passing from one compartment into the main compartment.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

The little bag on the lid is perfect for holding cables and the mouse.  However, you shouldn’t put too much in this little bag, as it will not close properly when you put the Eee PC in it’s compartment.

Now here’s what it looks like with the Eee PC ready for business, yet still in the case.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

Finally, here’s just the main compartment with all of the smaller ones zipped off.

Review: Proporta Gadget Bag - Asus Eee PC

As you can see, it’s small with the compartments on and even smaller with them off; there are many options when using this bag.

With everything in the bag, it will fit into a larger bag as well, thanks to the small size of the Gadget Bag; that’s one of the best things about this bag:  It lets me continue to carry the Eee PC with my normal laptop.  So if I just want to take the Eee to a meeting, I can just take the Gadget Bag out of my backpack, and I then be off to the meeting.

You can probably buy a portable DVD player case and use it instead, but this bag is a much better option.  It’s practically made to carry the Eee and that’s why I recommend this as the best case ever for the Eee PC.

The Proporta Gadget Bag is available on for $47.95 plus shipping.

What I like: It’s very light and incredibly flexible.  You almost can’t go wrong with this case.

What needs improvement: It needs a small briefcase style handle.  Other than that, it’s perfect.

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Joel McLaughlin
Joel is a consultant in the IT field and is located in Columbus, OH. While he loves Linux and tends to use it more than anything else, he will stoop to running closed source if it is the best tool for the job. His techno passions are Linux, Android, netbooks, GPS, podcasting and Amateur Radio.

3 Comments on "Review: Proporta Gadget Bag – Asus Eee PC"

  1. Joel, that’s a pretty clever use of the Gadget Bag.

    Your suggestion for a handle for the bag would be, uh, handy too. Seems like Proporta could integrate handles into the zipper fabric where the two smaller bags are held, and maybe integrate the other handle into the loop straps for the shoulder mount.

    I use mine to tote my HTC X7501 and E-TEN X800 around, and am able to fit my iGo BT keyboard into one of the external pockets, the other for extra cables, and use the internal bag for USB sticks and BT dongles. I can’t imagine using anything else, except for my SCOTTeVEST jacket.

  2. questionfear | July 7, 2008 at 12:35 pm |

    If you want a very simple EEE bag with handles, Target sells a Denali branded portable DVD bag that’s perfect. I have a 2g surf, so I don’t have an EEE carry bag, but the Denali holds my EEE plus power cord nicely inside of my briefcase or weekend bag. It came with stiff padded handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Since I can’t stand handles on my stuff, I chopped ’em off, but they’re pretty nice if you like them on your gear bag.

  3. Joel McLaughlin | July 7, 2008 at 2:20 pm |

    Good points guys! 😀

    I like this proporta bag and it fits nicely in my regular day to day back pack with my work issued Lenovo T60. The best part is I can take this bag to church or to other local meetings and not have to lug the bigger machine along.

    The sleeve Asus includes is ok, but it’s not enough when you need to take the powercord along too.

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