Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

Even though this pandemic has reduced business travel, there are still times when we need to carry our gear, even if it’s just to spend the day working in the park. The new Waterfield Outback Duo is a perfect solution for now, and when we’re eventually “back.”

Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

One of the keys to being able to still work during this pandemic has been Zoom. It is a robust platform that is much easier to use with a dual-screen setup that allows you to have Zoom on one screen and documents on the other. That’s great with a desktop situation but becomes far more difficult when you are on the go. Thankfully, however, my iPad Pro can now be used as a second screen for my MacBook Pro. That’s where the new Outback Duo comes in. As Waterfield explains,

Workers increasingly use multiple computers simultaneously as they meet via Zoom from one and work from another. The new WaterField Outback Duo, a handsome minimalist laptop brief, includes two padded compartments for two laptops, or for a laptop and a tablet, all in one handsome, ultra-slim, lightweight bag.

The Waterfield Outback Duo comes in two sizes. The $229 compact version fits two 13″ laptops with enough room for a rumored 14″ MacBook or a 13″ laptop and an iPad. A larger full-size version is $239 and is large enough to fit two 16″ MacBook Pros.

Both the compact and the full versions of the Outback Duo are available in a choice of rugged, tan waxed canvas or sturdy, black ballistic nylon. Each has a professional-looking full-grain, dual-layer leather flap.

The minimalist bags also offer three different carrying options.

Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

They have leather-lined handles so you can carry the Outback Duo like a briefcase.

They have a detachable suspension shoulder strap for hands-free carry.

Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

And, they have a wheeled suitcase passthrough that will come in handy when we are all able to travel once again.

At the front of the Outback Duo is an expandable front pocket. Waterfield notes that the design, which closes with a gorgeous leather flap and strong magnet, was “inspired by old-world saddles.” Inside are organizational pockets that hold pens, a phone, power cables, and a wallet. This is a minimalist bag that maximizes the usable space in ways that reflect WaterField’s years of design experience.

Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

The dual laptop compartments are made using impact-resistant foam to protect your electronics from minor bumps and are lined with plush, no-scratch fabric to keep devices looking pristine.

Waterfield Released Its New Outback Duo That’s Doubly Useful

Waterfield even designed the laptop compartment with cut-outs that allow you to charge your devices while safely ensconced in the bag.

These are, of course, Waterfield bags. That means they have a gold, water-resistant liner that protects your gear while making it easier to find. It also means they have waterproof zippers that provide extra confidence your gear will be kept safe and WaterField’s master craftsmanship that make this an investment you will use for years, even decades, to come.

I have always loved Waterfield bags and, on a typical workday, can usually be seen carrying my gear in one. The new Outback Duo is a great way to carry multiple devices. Its minimalist design makes it easy to carry and lets you look stylish while you do. Check them out and place your order here.

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