Substrata Takes Wooden Cases to a Higher Level

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Substrata Takes Wooden Cases to a Higher Level Listen to this article

Substrata Takes Wooden Cases to a Higher Level

Substrata is about to release one of the prettiest wooden cases I’ve yet seen; this one is not for the iPhone 4 however, it’s for the iPad.

I’ve gotta tell you — I’m a fan!

Substrata is releasing six new cases for the iPad 2, all handmade at our shop in Portland, Oregon. We have an update of our original iPad case design, revised for the iPad 2 and two entirely new designs heading into production now. We are taking orders, and our first batches of cases will finish up production near the end of April for shipping in early May.

Pricing begins at $85 for the Tabletop Case, but if you can — splurge on the drool-worthy Artisan Dual Stripe Case for $265!

Substrata iPad2 Cases

They also have an upcoming MacBook Air 11″ case that looks out of this world! No info on pricing yet, however.

Substrata Takes Wooden Cases to a Higher Level

Substrata MacBook Air 11″ Cases

There’s nothing like beautiful wood wrapping your electronics, and these are some of the prettiest and most original covers I’ve seen. =)

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