Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

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More and more people are carrying Digital SLR or Single Lense Reflex cameras as their main camera, even for taking family pictures.  However, these are still very pricey cameras.  Sometimes the accessories themselves can cost more than the camera body.  That’s why if you have a DSLR, camcorder or other small piece of electronic equipment, you need to run – don’t walk, to the web and order yourself a Seattle Sling.

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

The Seattle sling is a unique camera bag.  This bag is a sling style that is mainly designed for carrying a Digital SLR and its various accessories.  What makes this bag different than many of the other camera bags out there is that it is waterpoof, dust proof, dirt proof and sand proof!  It’s also very well padded.  Your expensive gear will remain safe in the Seattle Sling.

The biggest difference between this and other camera bags is that there are no zippers; the main compartment is actually a dry bag that has inside of it a padded divider.

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

To close this bag, you roll the internal bag down three times, then secure the clips on each side, and then the strap on the outside of the internal bag.  Then you pull the flap over the internal bag and secure it with the heavy Velcro pads.

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

Ready for closing

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

All Rolled Up

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

All Straps Secured.

As you can see from all of the straps and the heavy velcro, the bag isn’t going to come open no matter what you’re doing.  You could be kayaking, hiking in the woods or dashing for a bus.  Your gear will remain safe from the elements in this bag.

If it was just the main compartment, this will be a good bag.  What makes it one of the best is the side pockets and the straps.  The side pockets provide a great spot for you to stick some extra batteries or memory cards.  There’s also a nice strap that goes around your body and prevents the main sling strap from slipping off your shoulder.  Once you clip this strap around your body, the bag will stay securely attached to you.

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Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

Here’s a picture of me wearing the bag while waiting for the bus in the rain.

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

Another nice feature of this bag is it also has a place to secure a tripod while you’re carrying it.   So there is no excuse for you to not get in the picture when you’re on vacation!  At least that’s the excuse I use! 😀

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

Image provided by Made Products

As a test, I took it with me to work every rainy day.  I also took it on our yearly fall campout with the Cub Scouts.  My gear stayed safe the whole time while the rain, dirt, leaves and dust stayed out of my gear.

As another test, I took a cup of water from my kitchen and poured it over the bag.  After doing this, I opened the bag and not a drop of water had entered the main compartment.

Seattle Sling by Camera Armor Review

About the only criticism I might have with this bag is the fact that it would be a perfect laptop bag if it were big enough.  Many laptop bags won’t keep your precious laptop dry in a driving rain storm.  This bag would, if it were big enough.  Fortunately, my Eee PC fits perfectly in the top of the bag, and I still have enough room for my Super Zoom Camera.  Made Products should seriously look into making a similar bag for laptops; I would definitely buy one.

The Seattle Sling is available through the Made Products Website for $149.99.  You can save 50 bucks by checking out Amazon where it can be had for $99.

What I liked: Water proof, dust proof, dirt proof, sand proof and very well padded.  Your gear will remain safe in this excellent and durable bag.  Don’t be afraid to take this on your next kayak trip.

What needs improvement: They need to make laptops bags!  No one makes a bag like this for laptops.

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