USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand Review

Have you ever wanted to use your laptop but couldn’t stand how hot it is when sitting on your lap?  How about using a notebook in bed?  The USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand may be just the thing you need for those two situations and more.

I was sent the black version of the Multi Notebook Stand.

USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand Review

The Multi Notebook Stand is very adjustable and will work for almost any notebook, except maybe desktop replacement notebooks.  You can also adjust it to lie flat, so you can use it to support a projector or act as a dinner tray. 

USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand Review

The nice thing about this stand is that it fully collapses and could be stuffed into your laptop bag or suitcase,  taken with you and used in comfort from your hotel room; it can also be used it to hold a projector during a presentation.

USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand Review

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USBFever Foldable Multi Notebook Stand Review

The stand is very light, and therein lies one of its faults.  In order to make it so light, parts of it are very weak. I can see the main tray getting warped pretty easily, depending on where its packed in your bag.

It’s also very easy to have this stand sitting a little lopsided, due to the way the legs fold; a slight tweak of the problem leg corrects this.

With that said, this stand was more comfortable for me to use than the Deskinacar, however it’s not nearly as durable.

The Foldable Muti Notebook Stand is available from for $49.99 plus shipping.

What I liked: Light and very adjustable.

What needs improvement: Needs to fold flatter and could be a bit more durable.

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