iPhone 3G vs BlackBerry Storm

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Judging from the quantity of Twitter questions asking for purchasing advice on the “BlackBerry Storm vs iPhone” – it looks like plenty of people still are undecided between both these devices. While I typically have a one sentence response of “If you want email buy a BlackBerry otherwise buy an iPhone” – I realize that the analysis isn’t always so cut and dry. There’s the touchy issue of AT&T’s signal quality, the ability to capture video, ease of on-screen keyboard use, integration with iTunes. James at JKOnTheRun has done an excellent job with comparing and contrasting the iPhone and Storm. Rather than reach any ultimate conclusion, I like that he gives an explanation of how he uses each, including which he prefers in different situations, and lets you decide.


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3 Comments on "iPhone 3G vs BlackBerry Storm"

  1. My sister just bought a Storm and she seems to like it. I'm in agreement with you — when I tested one (briefly) I didn't see the point of a keyboardless BlackBerry. It seemed like a lot of work and the applications were stil the same old crappy BlackBerry JAVA stuff (though they seem to be getting better)

  2. "If you want email use a blackberry" should have " but not the Storm" added to the end of it. It's awful for emails. My firest ever blog post was about the Storm. It's a terrible bit of kit.

  3. I tested a Storm for a few weeks and found the text entry to be absolutely woeful. Pressing the screen in after tapping the button felt really awkward, and made it difficult to type quickly. IMO the iPhone keyboard is vastly superior to the Storms, not just because of the feel but the fantastic auto-correction, which was just abysmal on the Storm.

    Funny how it's completely different with the Bold, now that is a seriously good device. Obviously it's a totally different design, but it shows how good RIM are in their native territory.

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