The Lander Powell Apple iPhone 6 /6S Plus Case + Travel Case Review

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The Lander Powell Apple iPhone 6 /6S Plus Case + Travel Case Review Listen to this article

When you think of protective iPhone cases, you probably imagine something bulky and cumbersome, like Otterbox and other similar styles. But if you want serious protection that doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight to your incredibly thin iPhone 6/S Plus, you need look no further than the Lander Powell.

Before we jump into the case review, let’s talk about the package. At first glance, it seems a bit much for what should be a simple iPhone case …

But upon further examination, you’ll find that the packaging is actually a reusable, somewhat waterproof two-piece rubber travel box; the paper wrapper is made to come off so that you can use the box on its own. Now that’s what I call clever recycling of something that might otherwise end up in the trash.

So on to the case itself! The Lander Powell is available in four color combinations: blue on black, red on black, black on black, and the black on clear that I was sent.

Gone are the days of bulky outdoor inspired phone cases. The Powell case provides full coverage in a slim fit design ideal for any occasion. With stylish detailing and a variety of colors available, you are sure to turn heads. This case is Mil Std-810 certified.

The case is composed of a smooth black plastic with frosted and ridged clear plastic inserts. While the case is flexible, it feels stiff and strong, substantial without being heavy or bulky. In other words, it should be plenty protective.

The sides of the case have textured edges that will give you a more secure grip when holding the iPhone. The interior of the case is completely smooth; the ridges that you see are on the panels’ exterior.

Once your iPhone is in the case, you’ll notice that the bezel around the screen is raised, so there is proper face-down protection. The power and volume buttons are covered, and the mute switch is left open for easy access.

All of the iPhone’s corners are protected when the phone is inside the Powell; on the bottom of the case there are sufficient cutouts to allow third-party cables and headphones to work without issue.

The clear panels allow the color of your iPhone to show through, and I think the ridges in the panels give the whole package an attractive look.

The Lander Powell iPhone 6/6S Plus Case is slim and pocketable, easily gripped, and very protective. If you have been looking for a case that can keep your phone safe as it accompanies you on life’s adventures, this one will do!

The Lander Powell iPhone 6/6S Plus Case and Travel Case retail for $39.99, and it is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers. They are also made for the iPhone 6/6S and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Slim and pocketable protection for your iPhone; textured edges for easy grip; raised bezels around the screen for face-down protection; a rubber, somewhat waterproof travel case is included

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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