Proporta Leather Case for BlackBerry Storm

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Proporta just released a leather case for the BlackBerry Storm. The case includes an inner aluminum screen saver to protect against crushing and impacts. Instead of crowding the front of the case with a leather sleeve – the Storm clips into the front of the case. Since my sister Lynn has a BlackBerry Storm – I’ve asked her to give us a look.

Well, there are probably 1001 cell phone leather cases out there but this Proporta is specifically for the Blackberry Storm.


This case holds up well. It has a nice clip that is easy to install. If you just want to keep your BB in a case but not with a clip, that is a possibility, too. The back of the case comes with a small screw in it set up without the clip. Just remove the screw and screw in the clip and you’re in business with the clip.

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This case seems to boast it’s aluminum lined. I would say I don’t notice that perk much except for when I dropped it . I dropped it once and it seemed to land on the ground as if it was landing on a cloud. Nicely protected. I thought the lined case would help me to keep from counter dialing but not so. If the BB screen is not “locked” and you lean against a counter—that phone is pushing away on buttons. I’ve had this occur multiple times. So, now I just keep the screen locked.

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The inside of this case has two plastic clips on the bottom inside that hold the BB in place. Very snug fit. Hard to get in and out of the case so once it’s in—it’s in for a while. I find I push every button on the BB plus the screen trying to get it out. Yup, it’s snug.

I’d say it’s worth the $ for protection—clip stays on belt well and well protected if the bb in case falls on the ground. I took this out on a 25 mile bike ride and it didn’t fall off my flimsy bike pants waist band once.

Also received in my little package was the Proporta screen protector. It fits on the BB Storm nicely and is easy to apply. I haven’t had problems with air bubbles as I suspected I might and it has definitely helped protect the screen from greasy kids fingers. A good thing to have.

Link: Proporta Leather Case for BlackBerry Storm

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