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October 12, 2006 • Reviews

The Vaja HTC Horizontal Pouch Review

One of the treats we received at Mobius Thailand this year was a Vaja case for the HTC Hermes / Dopod 838Pro.

You would have thought it was Christmas!

John Starkweather had no sooner announced that Vaja had made custom cases for our new Windows Mobile 5 Phones, when the room erupted with “oooooooohs” and our eyes grew wide; there was a good reason for this.

Vaja has been around since 2000, and in that time they have managed to revolutionize the case making industry. No longer the new guys on the block, they are now the leather craft company that every other case-maker aspires to be. From the beginning they have created form-fitting, well made cases constructed of aromatic Argentinean leather which complemented the PDAs carried inside. But before long their innovative designers chose to not only create the highest quality cases, they also began to offer custom designs that allowed their patrons to personalize the case-making process in a way never done before. Whether the case is from their Classic line or the slightly edgier iVolution line, Vaja items all have a few thing in common – they are impeccably made, they look beautiful, and they all smell yummy!

So today we’ll take a look at the HTC Horizonal Pouch, which is made to fit Pocket PC Phones – with or without a sliding keyboard – that measure no larger than 4.45″ tall x 2.3″ wide x 0.5″ thick. This pouch is very similar to the Vaja HT41 Pouch which I previously reviewed.

The case itself measures 4.53″ long x 2.6″ wide x 1.35″ thick. It is composed of black aniline leather with a deep red aniline accent stripe. The subtle Vaja logo is the only branding evident anywhere on the pouch.


The pouch is a custom Vaja case, which allows the person ordering their choice of leathers – vitelino or aniline, as well as a choice of color combinations. Some of the further options available are the addition of a free belt loop or personalization which can add from $10 to $30 depending upon the type chosen.


The case is kept closed with two magnetic snaps; there is an option to add SD, microSD or miniSD slots for an additional $4 on the front panel in between the snaps.


The Hermes / Dopod 838Pro fits perfectly inside, where it is protected from scratches or a cracked screen when not in use. Of course, the one caveat to a pouch type case is that there is no protection when the device is not inside; so be careful when that Hermes is out of the pouch, you got that?!


The case’s interior is lined in a very soft, light brown leather. A cutout at the bottom provides a push-point for removing the PDA when it is needed.


Cutouts on either side also provide points from which the PDA can be grasped for removal.


The only real improvement I would ask would be that the side cutouts be just a little bit deeper. If they were, then the mini-USB port would be usable when the PDA was in the case. This would allow for in-case syncing and charging, as well as using the Hermes’ wired headset.


Overall, the Vaja Pouch is nearly perfect. It is built to last from quality leather, the craftsmanship is impeccable, and the branding is so subtle yet immediately recognizable. The pouch is comfortable to hold, but it can also be worn on a belt or thrown in the user’s bag or briefcase.


If you have been thinking about a protective case for your HTC Hermes, then I highly recommend the Vaja Pouch. As with all Vaja cases, it is a prime example of beautiful leatherwork and protection.


The Vaja HTC Horizonal Pouch?is available directly from the Manufacturer.
MSRP: $65 + additional for custom options
What I Like: Perfect fit, sumptuous leather, yummy smell, excellent craftsmanship and subtle branding
What Needs Improvement: A slightly deeper dip in the side openings would allow the use of the wired headset while the Hermes is in the case


Added Later: I have just received word that Vaja will extend a discount to?Gear Diary Users; here is the information:

Please use the code: geardiary
Expiration date: 12/19/2006
Discount: 15% Off
Products in promotion: Classic HT41 for HTC Wizard/ Apache (aht041); Classic HTC Horizontal Pouch (age161)
Gear Diary readers have to enter the code (geardiary) on the step 2/5 of the purchase process. The discount is applicable only to the product (shipping charges are excluded).

24 Responses to " The Vaja HTC Horizontal Pouch Review "

  1. NzoMatrix says:

    That is one sweet case…even better with the Dopod 838Pro inside:)

  2. Judie says:

    Yah, the Dopod does give it a little…”somthing”. :mrgreen:

  3. ctmagnus says:

    I have a Vaja coupon that I need to blow on something, but unfortunately my device of choice at the moment is the JAMin and Vaja doesn’t make any dedicated cases for it. Is the case that you reviewed the GE151?

  4. Judie says:

    ct, it is a brand new case version that should have an active link today.
    I’ll add it to the review as soon as it’s mailed to me. 🙂

  5. ctmagnus says:

    I just received a Covertec case two days ago (to replace the one I got from, on which the snap ripped off but I managed to repair it a few days before the Covertec arrived) and I caved and just ordered the Vaja case. So now I will have four cases for this device, including the Krusell that I found to be a slight bit too bulky.

    My last device had [i]eight[/i] cases for it. I swore I wouldn’t do that this time around. I am so weak! 🙂

  6. Judie says:

    There is nothing wrong with accessorizin’! 😀

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  9. SteinyD says:

    Having purchased a number of other Vaja cases for other PDAs and phones, I realize there is no better quality than Vaja. However, in looking at the case as compared to the case that came with my HTC Tytn I don’t see any beneficial difference between. I realize we need a way to sneak the device out via a ‘notch’ cut somewhere, but the Vaja still leaves the device much exposed to the elements. I was hoping this would be something Vaja would take care of. Are there any other obvious differences that I’m missing?

  10. Judie says:

    You mean other than the obvious differences between great style, color choices, superior leather and such? 😉

    Sure, take a look at this picture, it’s the case that came with my Hermes:

    While it offers good protection to the front and back of the device, there is hardly any coverage on three of the sides.

  11. dc_smile says:

    Does anyone know whether there is a promotion code for the HTC horizontal pouch? I’ve heard mention of promotion codes for other Vaja products, but have not seen anything for this particular case. If you go to their website, the customization options (in terms of color and types of leather) are fantastic.

  12. SteinyD says:

    Judie – I stand corrected. I guess I was so happy to have a reasonable case come with the Tytn that I haven’t looked at it since and just clip it to my side every day! After seeing your photo I literaly took it off my side to compare and alas – same as yours! Completely exposed. I’m about to place my order, just wish they had a clip instead of a loop. Casual belts don’t always fit these loops and if they do, have a tendancy to stretch them a bit.

  13. Judie says:

    Hey guys – I just received news from Vaja of a discount that will apply to this case:

    Please use the code geardiary
    Expiration date: 12/19/2006
    Discount: 15% Off
    Products in promotion: Classic HT41 for HTC Wizard/ Apache (aht041); Classic HTC Horizontal Pouch (age161)
    Gear Diary readers have to enter the code (geardiary) on the step 2/5 of the purchase process. The discount is applicable only to the product (shipping charges are excluded)

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  15. SteinyD says:

    Judie – thanks for arranging the discount with Vaja and glad I waited a couple of days to place my order! I’ve taken advantage of the discount and now awaiting delivery of my Vaja Case! Thanks again!

  16. Judie says:

    SteinyD – I am glad you were able to take advantage of the discount! 😀

  17. ctmagnus says:

    I received mine today (quite a nice treat 😉 ) and I must say it is lovely! However, I opted for the SD card pockets and they appear that they will require some breaking in to use on any kind of regular basis. The case itself is made of two layers of leather and the pockets are formed by stitching and two slits cut into the outer layer of leather.

  18. Judie says:

    ct,if you wouldn’t mind taking a picture, I could post it in the reivew. 🙂

  19. ctmagnus says:

    Image of the above at , although this picture makes the slots look easier to get into than they actually are.

  20. Judie says:

    Thanks for posting the picture! 🙂

  21. Thatspec says:

    The discount will not work with the pre-configured model. You can order the same color pattern though custom, then it does work.

    Thanks Judy!

  22. ctmagnus says:

    Aha! I got into the slots! The inside is the fine mesh-looking black material that the lining of some higher-end wallets is made of. I’d post a picture, but there just aren’t enough hands here to hold the slot open, hold the case, snap the picture…

  23. Judie says:

    ct, I bet that is the same dark nylon lining that Vaja uses on the inside of the holsters to keep the leather from losing shape; they must line the slots with it, too. 🙂

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