Brown Bottle DIY with Mr Beer

Mr. Beer Home kit

In the words of the great Homer Simpson….”Hmmmm beer”

The weather is beginning to break, baseball season has started, and NASCAR is getting into full swing. What better time to start thinking about cookouts and libations.

With DIY mania in full swing as the weather warms up, at least that’s what my wife tells me as I work on project #49.3 on her “to-do list”, what better way to test your skills than making your own beer.  For those of you brave enough to attempt making your own brew, I have just the site for you.

The folks over at Mr. Beer offer 5 different kits that range from the Deluxe for $39.95, which includes just the keg and ingredients, to the Ultimate Kit which gives you all the trimmings including the bottling system and the ingredients to make 8 batches for $149.95.  Per the website once the beer is bottled it is self carbonating which avoids the use of CO2, but my favorite is they say you can control the alcohol content by adjusting certain ingredients!

On their website they even give you over 170 different recipes that you can create with their Home Kits ranging from more traditional balanced, to fruit and hard cider options. There is even a Mr. Beer Community, which is kind of like a Gear Diary for home brewers where they have blogs and forums.

Looks to be a great conversation piece at your next cookout or poker party, who knows you may just become a Master Brewer, not likely but you could imagine.

Mr. Beer Home kits are available directly from the manufacturer’s website

MSRP: Ranges from $39.95-$149.95 depending on the kit.

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