Amazon’s Blink Introduces Blink Moments: Streamlined Video Viewing for Enhanced Home Security

Amazon-owned Blink has introduced Blink Moments, a new feature that automatically merges clips captured across Amazon Blink cameras into a single video. This feature is rolling out and will be fully accessible to Blink Subscription Plus Plan customers globally in the coming weeks.

Amazon Blink Moments

Jonathan Cohn, head of product at Blink, emphasized the importance of the Blink app in enhancing user experience. He highlighted the app’s modernization and the innovative clip list with Blink Moments, which allows users to engage with their footage easily. Blink Moments combines key moments into one video, whether family activities, package deliveries, or pets in the yard.

Blink customers typically have three cameras per household, which can generate hundreds of motion events. Sifting through individual clips can be tedious, but Blink Moments simplifies this process by combining various clips into a condensed story, making it easier for customers to interact with their footage.

Blink Moments integrates seamlessly with all existing and new Blink cameras, whether battery-powered or plug-in, for comprehensive property coverage. This means customers won’t miss any important events, regardless of how many cameras they have.

Amazon Blink Moments

Beyond security, Blink cameras capture many moments, from heartwarming to humorous. Blink Moments allows users to turn their favorite clips into shareable, comprehensive videos, providing a full story from multiple perspectives.

These videos can be easily downloaded and shared via the Blink app, making it simple to post on social media or share with family.

The Blink Plus Plan Subscription, priced at $10 a month or $100 a year, includes Blink Moments and offers additional features such as person detection, live view recording, up to 60 days of video cloud storage, and motion detection video recording. Subscribers can also stream up to 90 minutes of continuous live view per session through the Blink app, supporting an unlimited number of devices per account.

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