Altec Lansing Backbeat Plus Mobile UHS206 Review


After reviewing  the Backbeat 106 headphones, the folks at Altec Lansing sent out a version of the headphones designed for mobile phones. The Backbeat Plus Mobile UHS206  are virtually identical to the Backbeat 106 ear buds in my earlier review.  The  design is a little different, and the cables are  wrapped in the same tangle proof cloth covering. This is a nice extra which keeps the cables from kinking up and getting tangled while floating around in a pocket or in your gear bag.  Other than the extra ring for the mic, the mic itself and the call button, the design is very similar.


The nice thing about these headphones is that the plug is a standard 3.5 mm plug.  This will work not only with the iPhone and other mobile phones that have a 3.5 mm jack, but it also works with your laptop and any other 3.5 mm device.  That means this is a universal headset.

These headphones also have 3 different interchangeable silicone tips.  You can customize these for your ears and even have a different size on each ear bud if you need it.  I used the medium cushions for my ears.


The sound quality is the same on these as it was on the Backbeat 106 headphones.  The in ear design of these does not appeal to everyone, but I this type as it blacks out the noise when I’m riding the bus and let’s me use them at a much lower volume rate and still be able to listen to podcasts or music without killing my ear drums.  Other earbuds I’ve tried let so much background sound in that I have to crank my MP3 Player up to hear the voice on some podcasts.  Not with these.

The call quality with the UHS206  is good according to a coworker  who tried these with his iPhone.  The call button works as expected.

The only thing I might change with these is for them to include a adapter to convert to 2.5 mm or even a adapter for HTC smartphones.  If those 2 adapters were included, you could use these on almost any cellphone on the market.  As it is,you can still use these on almost any MP3 player and if you get a iPhone, you’re all set with  buds that are easily better than what came with your iPhone.

The BackbeatPlus Mobile UHS206 is available direct from Altec Lansing for $59.95.

What I liked: Same great design as the Backbeat 106 headphones,  except the UHS206 adds a microphone and answer button making a good headset for your iPhone.

What needs improvment: Ability to connect to more mobile phones.  Either ship with an adapter, or perhaps make some different versions for 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm phones and, if they are feeling generous, one for HTC phones.  That would cover almost every cellphone known to man.

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  1. One important note on these headphones is that the cloth covering causes a lot of mechanically transmitted noise anytime it rubs against clothing etc. This can get in the way of the music.

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