Review: Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

Do you want to keep the form factor of your iPhone 3G in tact but still protect the back from scratches and scuffs?  Gogo makes high quality snap on back covers for the iPhone 3G.  The have a variety of lines and styles to choose from.

The best part about Gogo cases is they’re scratch proof.  Weighing at 1 ounce and adding less than 1 mm of bulk to your iPhone, these cases keep the shape and feel of your iPhone.

I was recently sent cases from their Mirror Series and from their Royal Series to review.

The Mirror series features three styles.  Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

These are highly polished, shiny cases that gleam.  I was hesitant to believe Gogo’s claim that something this high gloss could be scratch proof, but after using the case religiously for several days there’s not a mark on it anywhere.

The gold version reminds me of the Goldstriker iPhone, but at only a fraction of the cost.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

I did find the glossy gold version to be a little slippery in my hand.

Installation of the case could not be any easier.  You simply insert the phone into the case, button side first and then snap down the opposite side.

Gogo has a video on their web site which shows the installation process.

The inside of the case is a highly polished black plastic that does not feature any bumpers or rubber protection.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

The Royal series features the same slim design but in solid colors.  The line comes in blue, black, red, white, pink and silver.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

The coating on the back of the Royal series has a matte look and has a nice amount of grip to it.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

The cases all give complete access to all of the phone’s buttons and ports.  This does however leave much of the chrome around the phone exposed.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

The other cases in the Gogo line are from the hand painted series –Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases  ; the gradation series –  Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases  ; the HM series – Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases  ; the tattoo series –  Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases  ;

and the raindrop series – Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases  .

For those wanting even more protection, take note:  I was able to use my iPhone with its Gogo case on, in conjunction with a leather vertical pouch from Seidio.  This offered double protection and a convenient way to carry the cased phone on my hip.

Review:  Gogo iPhone 3G Cases

The Gogo case has quickly become my go to case of late, and I plan to order more of them soon.

Gogo cases sell for $14.99 – $24.99 and each comes with a free screen protector.

You can see the entire line of Gogo cases on the company’s web site.

M.S.R.P. – $14.99 – $24.99

What I like  – very slim design, scratch proof, lots of styles and colors to choose from

What I don’t like – some of the styles might be slippery

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