iPopperz, Headphone or fashion accessory

iPopperz are an earbud/ ear-canal  headphone with added decoration. That sounds like a negative comment, but it’s not as they do not detract from the other. I have been using the headphones I was supplied with for a week on my PC for music, my laptop for Skype and on my Zune for music.


The locations varied too: my home office, a conference centre and on the London Underground. Normally when I travel I use a full size headphone or the ones that came with the Zune. The iPopperz were better. The sound response is standard, but I am new to this style of headphone and found they delivered the ‘inside my head’ sound I like without the feeling of my ears being cooked.

The decoration is fun, too. I was sent a set with a Racing motif from the Sportz selection. There are 5 sections: Colorz, Buddyz, Jewelz, Sportz and Grafitti. They all look great, but may appeal more to the younger members of your family.

iPopperz come with 3 sizes of Ear Pads, and replacements are available.  I found them to be comfortable, and they provided  good sound quality. I was happy to use them for a reasonable period of time, longer than most in-ear headphones I have used before.

What I like:

They look fun and have good sound quality.

What need improvement:

Nothing to add really maybe a carry pouch.

There are available for $19.95

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