Tap Tap Revenge Review: Dave Matthews Band


There’s no denying the popularity of the video console games Rock Band and Guitar Hero.  Even my daughters, who range in age from 3-8, love to jam along to tunes on Rockband. Tapulous has carried over the fun that is playing a musical instrument to one of your favorite songs over to the iPhone with its game Tap Tap Revenge Dave Matthews Band.

Tapulous decided to honor the release of a the band’s newest album with their latest version of the game.

Tap Tap Revenge DMB showcases one of the U.S.A’s most popular bands, the Dave Matthews Band.

The game features eight of the band’s more popular songs and two off their brand new album titled “BIG WHISKEY AND THE GROOGRUX KING.”

The track list includes:

    • Crash Into Me
    • Tripping Billies
    • Everyday
    • Ants Marching
    • American Baby
    • What Would You Say
    • Two Step
    • So Much To Say

and the two brand new singles: Shake Me Like A Monkey, and Funny The Way It Is.

You begin the game by choosing the number of players you wish to use, one or two.


If you choose to view the options you can adjust a few of the game’s settings including creating your own online profile to track how you match up against other players.


The tutorial shows a graphical representation on how to play the game.


To begin the game you first select a level of difficulty.  Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme or Kids.  In kids mode the game recognizes a successful tap anywhere on the screen.


Then you select a song.  Different songs are unlocked based on your progress in the game and the level of difficulty you select.


The object of the game is quite simple (or so it seems.)  You tap the falling balls on the screen as they reach their targets or shake the phone in the direction of the arrows all to the beat of the music.


The longer you keep a successful streak of taps going the higher your score grows.


Also included in the game is a news feed that keeps you up to date with the band’s latest activities.


The game has really great graphics and smooth game play.  It can be played on either the iPhone or iPod touch but requires at least software version 2.0

Like the other versions of Tap Tap Revenge, the Dave Matthews Band version is a fun game that makes listening to your favorite song interactive.  With its various levels of play it should appeal to people of all ages.

Tap Tap Revenge DMB can be purchased in the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – $4.99

What I like – Fun way to enjoy music of your favorite artist or if you just like the Dave Matthews Band.

What I don’t like – Not enjoyable without sound

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