Wordulous for iPhone/iPod Touch Review


Cut from the same style of games as Chicktionary, Sextuple Word Challenge and Wurdle comes Wordulous from 99Games Online.

Wordulous challenges you to make as many words as you can from a jumbled group of letters.  With “old-school” graphics, three different types of game play and a .99 cent price tag, there’s a lot to like about this game.

The game features a basic settings menu where you can toggle the in game sounds and music.

You may also customize the game’s look by changing the color of the playing board and the chalk.


The game features three types of game play.

Practice – play with no clock and make as many words as you can earning points for each word.

Examination – play with a three minute running clock and make as many words as you can.

Challenge – Sign up on the 99Games Online web site and invite your Facebook or iPhone contacts to play along with you.

There is also a very detailed tutorial which teaches you all about the game.


In practice mode there’s no clock.  Just make as many words as you can from the jumbled group of letters.

The arrows reshuffle the letters, which is helpful if you get stuck.

When you press the eye icon you see all the possible words, which in turn ends the game.

And when you press the ABC button your letters and all the possible words get reset, starting the game over.


In examination the running clock in the upper right hand corner tells you how much time you have remaining.

You have just three minutes to come up with as many word as you can.


In challenge mode you can challenge your friends on Facebook with the game’s Facebook connect feature.


You can also send e-mail invites to your friends challenging them to play the game.


The game’s high score menu feature statistics for both gameplay which is local to your device as well as a global high score leader board.


The game even mocks you when you don’t perform well.  🙂

It actually has 35 different levels so you’ll always know within which class your vocabulary places you.


99Games has a YouTube video which shows the game in action.

With fun graphics and good in game sounds Wordulous is a steal at only .99 cents.  I found the game played very smoothly.

I’ve personally played the other games I mentioned at the start of this review and for its .99 price tag Wordulous is the best buy of the bunch.

It’s one of the few games of its type that uses more than one database for words and even lets the player select which database the game uses during play.

If you’re into word scramble games this one is one to check out.

Wordulous is available in the iTunes App Store.

Wordulous requires iPhone software 2.1 or higher.

M.S.R.P. – .99 cents

What I like – Good sounds and graphics, three databases for words, Facebook connect, different types of gameplay

What I don’t like – Nothing.

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