The Jitterbug J: Keep Gramps Connected Through Simplicity


Still looking to bring your parents or grand parents into the wonderful world of wireless communication, without needing to spend a month conducting a technical seminar covering how to use the phone’s features?  GreatCall, Inc. has just come out with the Jitterbug J cell phone, manufactured by Samsung, which offers a loud speaker, large buttons, and easy-to-use interface.

The Jitterbug J is primarily geared towards the elderly and technophobic; but can be an alternative for anyone needing basic wireless service without paying for unneeded or unwanted  features never used.    Additional features and Rate Plan information available after the jump.


Jitterbug Features:

* No Contracts.

* Rate Plans ranging from $14.99 to $79,99 per month.

* Unlimited Jitterbug-to-Jitterbug calling.

* No pre-payment required.

* Includes a direct Live-Operator service that will guide users  through calling and feature processes (read:  unneeded frustration over menus options).

* Customers can add or remove features, including:  MyCalendar, SimpleText, LiveNurse, and Jitterbug Complete Care — which bundles Roadside Assistance, a “No Questions asked” handset replacement plan, and the Jitterbug LiveNurse for $9/month.

The phone is a pricey $147 (includes a free car charger), but factoring in the Live-Operator services and the handset replacement plan, it still may be one of the best options for those special family members.

Specs |  Rate Plans

Available via via, calling direct at 1-800-918-8543, or through select local retailers such as Sears, Radio Shack, CVS, and ShopKo.


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