Wuggle for iPhone and iPod Touch Review


4J Studios wants to know, do you Wuggle?

Wuggle is a new tactile word game from 4J Studios.  The goal of the game is to make words by piecing together floating tiles.

When you’ve got a word you want you smash the tiles together to submit then for score.

You earn points based on the word’s length and each individual tile’s value.

The game features two different game modes, colorful screens and funky background tunes.

Wuggle has a 70s look a vibe complete with bright colors and jazzy background music.


Once the game loads the main menu has a few choices.


In the game’s options you can adjust the music as well as the game’s special effects.


The game features two types of game modes.

They are both explained in detail during the tutorial.


You can also view the leader board which shows scores from global Wugglers.


The game’s tutorial details exactly how to play the game.

Points are scored by arranging letters to for a word.  You do so by moving the tiles around the screen with your finger.  The orientation of the letters does not matter.


When you’ve got your letters in place and formed a word you submit the word by swiping across it.


If you mis-swipe  you may end up submitting a shorter word which results in fewer points being earned.


You can form your words in any direction across the screen.


If the word you’ve created isn’t recognized it turns red.


Each tile has it’s own assigned point value.


Creating multiple words in chains increases your score dramatically.


If you’re stuck the tiles vibrate giving you a clue as to which ones to use.


While you’re playing, in the upper right hand corner of the game you’ll see the number of word you can possibly form and the longest word it’s possible to make.


If you want to get rid of a letter you can do so by first double tapping on it and then tapping on one of your bombs.

You get new bombs every 1000 points.


In survivor mode you play against the clock trying to create as many word as you can before time runs out.


In GP mode there’s no time limit but you choose to play with a set number of tiles, 50, 100 or 250.

The game ends when you’ve used all the tiles.


In GP mode you see your number of alloted tiles along the right side of the screen.


The tiles are easily move and they like to spin around in every direction.


As you use tiles the number remaining decreases.

If you can’t find a use for a tile you can replace it by using one of your bombs.


The game ends with your final score.


In Survivor mode the side bar shows the time you have remaining to form as many words as possible.

The other aspects of the game remain the same.


Wuggle is a interesting take on what has become a popular style of game for the iPhone.

It’s vibrant use of colors and unique interface make it a game that is both fun and challenging.

You can find out more about Wuggle in the iTunes App Store.

Wuggle requires iPhone software 2.2.1 or later.

M.S.R.P – $1.99

What I like – fun colors and music, unique twist of word game.

What I don’t like – would be better priced at the .99 cent level like other games of this type are.

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