Picture Keeper Connect Is an Excellent, yet Pricey Mobile Media Backup Solution

Picture Keeper Connect is the thumb drive you never knew you needed. We’ve all been there, running out of room on your mobile phone, struggling to clean out old photos, videos, and apps. Picture Keeper Connect is a USB thumb drive with a built-in lightning adapter that allows you to easily backup your iOS media and starts at $119.99.

Picture Keeper’s free app is required to be used in conjunction with the USB backup device. The app allows you to automatically backup your photos once the Picture Keeper Connect is plugged in. The app also lets you choose what media you want to back up, from photos, videos, and contacts. You can also select certain folders within your media, so you have total control over your backups.

The app also allows you to delete the photos from your phone once they’re backed up, so you can save that storage space on your phone. The Picture Keeper app will also keep track of what media has already been backed up, so it doesn’t take up space unnecessarily. Another neat feature of the app is that if you fill up one Picture Keeper Connect drive, you can seamlessly start using another drive and thanks to the app, the new Picture Keeper Connect will pick up right where you left off.

What’s nice about the Picture Keeper Connect is its versatility and the fact that it doesn’t rely on Internet connection like iCloud or Google Photos does. There are no recurring cloud storage fees. In addition to being able to move photos from your phone to your PC, you’re also able to view your photos on a friend’s device using just the Picture Keeper Connect.

In addition to the built-in lightning adapter for iOS devices, the Picture Keeper Connect also comes with a USB to micro-USB adapter, so you can use this neat backup device with Android devices as well.

My experience with the Picture Keeper Connect was fairly positive, as it made it easy to back up my photos and videos as well as transfer them to my PC. It was nice to be able to choose the exact folders I wanted to back up and choose exactly what type of media I wanted to back up. My only concern is the cost. At $119.99 for a 16GB Picture Keeper Connect, it’s a very costly one-time purchase for many, especially when compared to the storage space of a $6 16GB thumb drive from Amazon. Granted, there’s no comparison in functionality between the two, but flash storage is very inexpensive these days. I wonder what the additional cost is going to, other than the lightning adapter hardware, circuitry, and Apple MFi certification.

Check out the Picture Keeper app screenshots, below:

If you’re looking for a dead-simple mobile phone media and contact backup solution that doesn’t require an Internet connection, the Picture Keeper Connect could be the solution for you!

Picture Keeper Connect is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB versions, which costs $119.99, $139.99, and $179.99 respectively. You can purchase yours directly from the manufacturer or for significant savings from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source:  The Picture Keeper Connect was a manufacturer provided review samples

What I Like:  Simple to use with free app; Versatile; Large storage options; Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

What Needs Improvement:  Cost feels high compared to Internet cloud services like iCloud or Google Photos


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