Review: Auto Stitch for iPhone

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Remember those old point and shoot cameras that had the selector on the back allowing you to snap panoramic images whenever you wanted?

With the newly released application Auto Stitch from Cloudburst Research, taking quality panoramic images on your iPhone is just as easy.

photo courtesy of Auto Stitch

I’ve tried some of the other panoramic applications available in the iTunes App Store but none of them do it as easily or as well as Auto Stitch does.

The interface could not be any simpler and the images it creates come out looking marvelous.

To start the application you need three images.  Unlike some of the other panoramic applications you take your images with the iPhone’s default camera application.

You can also select any images which reside in your iPhone’s photo library.

Upon launching the application you first select the images you want  to stitch together.

You can do so from anywhere in your iPhone’s photo library.


I chose to select images I had take with the iPhone’s camera.

Note:  I took the images from left to right and that’s how the appear in the iPhone’s camera roll.


Selecting the photos is as easy as tapping them.  Once selected they move to the bottom window and line up in the order there are to be stitched together.


Once you have all your images in place you simply press the stitch button and let the application do the work.


Your completed panoramic images appears in less than a minute.  It’s really that simple.

No lining up each image perfectly, or overlaying one photo over another.

You can then either save the image to the iPhone’s camera roll or start the entire process again.

Here’s an image of my home from the street.  Notice I was unable to get the entire front facade in frame from where I was standing.


But with Auto Stitch I took three images and turned them into one showcasing the entire front of my home.


And one from my back door looking out.


The completed panoramic image.


And one more from inside my home.

Can’t get the whole room in.


But with Auto Stitch I can.


Some of the other panoramic makers result in finished images showing blurred lines where the images have been merged together.  None such lines exist with Auto Stitch.  The application joins the images into one seamless finished product.

I can’t say enough positive things about this application.  If you’re looking for a panoramic maker for your iPhone, Auto Stitch is the one to pick up.

Auto Stitch is available in the iTunes App Store.

Auto Stitch requires iPhone OS 2.0 or greater.

Note:  AutoStitch iPhone is built on the same novel technology that is used in several commercial image stitching applications. You can learn more about AutoStitch technology from the AutoStitch Research page.

M.S.R.P.- $1.99

What I like – uses the iPhone’s default camera, creates perfectly seamless finished images.

What I don’t like – top of the finished images appear jagged are do require cropping.

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