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June 17, 2009 • Reviews

Unboxing the Amazon Kindle DX

I couldn’t resist; I put in my order and received an Amazon Kindle DX. 😛

Some of the more obvious differences between the two devices are that the DX has a ~9.5″ screen, while the 2 has a ~5.8″ screen; the DX measures 10.4″ tall x 7.2″ wide x 0.38″ thick, and the 2 measures 8″ tall x 5.3″ wide x 0.36″ thick; and the DX can hold ~3500 books while the 2 can hold ~1500. The keyboards are a bit different, there are no buttons on the DX’s left side, and hmmm – just watch!

The full review will be coming soon. Will it replace my Kindle2? Probably! I already love the larger screen and the bigger size doesn’t bother me at all…yet!

9 Responses to " Unboxing the Amazon Kindle DX "

  1. khouryrt says:

    Haha, the “bye” at the end of the video is hilarious!!!

  2. Yeah; Dan edited the video for me, and he thought it should stay in… 😛

  3. I thought the cat was going to jump up and saw ‘The Kindle is mine! Zwa!’ and run off … 😀

  4. Julie Niesen says:

    RT @chriswebb: Unboxing the Amazon Kindle DX (via @mikecane ) Wanty.

  5. That would be just like Avah to do, too. 😉

  6. Jeff Frantz says:

    The side-by-side comparison is certainly dramatic. So far, I haven’t been tempted because I like the overall footprint of the Kindle 2, but that’s a lot of screen real estate on the DX…

  7. […] today I was ready to be wowed. It’s not that I don’t already enjoy reading eBooks on my Kindle DX (Kevin is using the Kindle2) and on my iPhone, it’s just that the nook was the “next […]

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