The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

iOttie is a name I’ve trusted for years. I’ve used a number of their mobile phone car mounts in all of my cars as well as my wife’s car, so I was excited to hear about their latest car mount, the iTap 2 Wireless. It features wireless Qi charging with the convenience of a magnetic mount and retails for $54.95.

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

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The first thing I’ve always noticed when opening up an iOttie box is how well-made their products are. They are always solid and never feel flimsy or cheap. The same goes with the iTap 2 Wireless. I opted for the dashboard mount for our review, although they have two other options available: air vent mount and CD slot mount. I prefer the more stable foundation that the dashboard provides and would be worried that my heavy iPhone XS Max would be too much for an air vent mount.

The iTap 2 Wireless comes with the mount itself, a car charger to microUSB cable that has an extra built-in USB jack, two metal plates, a dashboard pad, a metal plate placement guide, and a piece of protective film for your phone. The protective film gets applied to the back of your phone and then the metal plate then adheres to the protective film. The placement guide was easy to use and allowed me to perfectly place my metal plate for good hold on the mount and excellent charging.

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

The dashboard pad is installed on, you guess it, your dashboard to provide a flat mounting surface for the iTap 2 Wireless’ sticky suction cup. The entire installation process is simple and leaves you with a car mount that feels solid as a rock. The microUSB cable is then plugged into the rear of the mount so that you’re always ready for a wireless charge. The only issue with this is that you’ll want to route the microUSB cable nicely, otherwise you’ll have a cable dangling at all times.

The iTap 2 Wireless car mount is built on convenience. It’s very easy to pop your phone up on the mount with one hand and get it charging instantly. Your phone is secure and visible while driving, and you don’t have to worry about running out of battery.

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

The magnet on my phone

There are some downsides to this style of car mount that deserve mention. While I appreciate the convenience of the magnetic mount, the magnet works best without a phone case. I’m using the Moshi Vesta case that I’ve been using since day 1, and the phone doesn’t seem to hold very well to the mount when I’m driving. When there are bumps in the road, the phone jiggles and rotates. However, when I take the case off of my phone, the phone holds steady with no issues. It could be that the back of the Moshi Vesta is fabric and therefore a little slicker than a plastic case, but this should be something you keep in mind.   You also can’t rotate your phone into landscape mode, if you prefer that viewing mode.

Another (minor) concern is the fact that you likely won’t be able to use this car mount if you use a Popsocket or similar accessory. Accessories that protrude from the rear of your phone will not allow your phone to sit flat against the car mount and neither charge wirelessly nor attach via magnet. The last concern is that you can only really use this mount with a maximum of two phones. That is because the iTap2 Wireless only comes with two magnets. If a friend wants to borrow your car, they won’t be able to simply pop their phone in the car mount and get going.

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Charging Car Mount Lives up to the Hype

The extra USB jack in the microUSB cable

If you’re looking for a great magnetic car mount that will keep your phone juiced up all day, you’ll love the iTap 2 Wireless from iOttie. Just keep in mind the few minor concerns before purchasing and you’ll be happy.

You can purchase the iOttie iTap 2 Wireless car mount directly from the manufacturer at

Source: The iOttie iTap 2 Wireless car mount was a manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Well built; Great convenience; Easy to install; Works well without a phone case

What Needs Improvement: Needs to work better with phone cases


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