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Spb is a name most users of Windows Mobile know well. From their Mobile Shell to Weather and Wallet and a host of other useful and entertaining utilities, these guys have done well by the Windows Mobile community over the years. Their latest release is a simple but challenging and fun game for Windows Mobile and Android – Spb Geo Game. This game is clearly in the ‘edutainment’ market, as it asks some challenging questions but makes it fun along the way. The game has two main modes – World Flags and World Capitals – and provides plenty of challenges through its’ multiple choice interface.

The Hype:
– World Flags
– World Capitals
– 3D Globe
– Educational Animation
– Finger friendly interface

The Reality:
Spb Geo Game is an amazingly simple yet addictive quiz game. You are presented with a question and a set of possible answers. Upon guessing of the correct answer you are shown the result on the world map. It works extremely well on a number of levels.


First, there is World Flag mode. Here you are either asked to identify based on a named country or to identify a country based on being shown a flag. There is a time limit to answer, and each wrong answer counts against your score. Fortunately you are allowed to keep guessing, as the page only completes when the correct answer is given.


Upon tapping the correct answer (or guessing incorrectly three times and then tapping the only remaining choice) you are brought to a 3D globe where the answer is displayed with an arrow pointing to the correct location and the country highlighted in red.


The other game mode is World Capitals. Not surprisingly, in this mode you are given a capital and need to identify a country or given a country and need to identify the capital. Once again the range of questions spans the globe, from the obvious to the obscure.


Once again, entering the correct answer takes you to the globe. It is interesting to note that the information display is the same regardless of mode – country, capital and flag. The obvious lesson is to make sure you study all three while on this screen so you are better prepared going forward.


There are only a few options available. You can learn about the developers, register your trial software, and change a couple of settings. The only settings accessible are the animation of the globe and the language. If you are finding it too slow watching your globe spin you might want to turn off the animations.

There is not much I can find to complain about with Spb Geo Game. Any issues I had were related to limitations in my geography knowledge. The game moves along at a quick pace, with the timer forcing you to constantly think and eventually make your best guess at an answer. The game gives you everything you need to learn as you proceed, and even goes further by relating all of the global knowledge. By moving the globe from your last answer to your current one, Spb Geo Game puts the globe into context.

Where to Buy: Spb Software

Price: $4.95

What I Like:
– Excellent interface
– Excellent depth of questions
– Nice integration of globe
– Excellent Budget Price!

What Needs Improvement:
– Nothing!

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