Go Minimalist with the Nomad Leather Skin and Screen Protector for the iPhone 12 Series

We’ve known Nomad to create some of the best ways to charge, protect and connect your phones. Now they’ve come out with two new products that take protection to a minimum. The new Nomad Leather Skin and NomadScereen Protectors for the iPhone 12 Series promise excellent protection without the bulk.

Nomad Leather Skin for the iPhone 12 Series

Nomad Leather Skin

At $29.95, the Nomad Leather Skin iPhone 12 Series is a relatively inexpensive way to not only protect your iPhone 12 but add a bit of Horween leather class to it.

Nomad Leather Skin

The Nomad Leather Skin is made from a sheet of USA-made Horween leather. As you would expect from Nomad, the cutout for the camera is precise. The skin is gorgeous out of the box and, over time, develops a rich patina. That adds personality and lets each piece become a one-of-a-kind unique skin.

The skin is thin enough that it won’t add weight or bulk to your phone while also protecting the phone’s back from dings and scratches. Compatible with Apple’s MagSafe charging system, each skin has a 3M peel and stick adhesive layer. It is easy to apply, holds its grip but can be removed without leaving a sticky residue.

Nomad Leather Skin

Nomad describes it this way:

Built for the minimalist who refuses to sacrifice style and utility. Leather Skin provides a layer of protection that goes unnoticed until you catch the timeless patina of the Horween Leather, but also gives you the unencumbered feel of life without a case.

Nomad Leather Skin


  • USA-made Horween Leather
  • 3M peel and stick adhesive
  • Total thickness: 0.6mm
  • Compatible with MagSafe
  • Models available for all iPhone 12 models

The new Leather Skin is a great way to give your iPhone 12 a minimalist layer of protection. More than that, it adds class and, as Nomad says, “gives your iPhone a whole new look without needing a bulky case.”

Nomad Screen Protector for iPhone 12 Series

Nomad Screen Protector

The Leather Skin does a great job of protecting the back of an iPhone 12, but it does nothing to keep the screen pristine. Thankfully, Nomad also released a line of screen protectors for the iPhone 12.

Nomad Screen Protector

Flawless Touch Screen Sensitivity: Using ultra-slim 0.33mm glass and a premium adhesive ensures a seamless touchscreen experience. Each touch, swipe or tap is just as accurate as on your phone’s glass. An oleophobic coating reduces smudges for excellent transparency in all light conditions.

Made from Japanese tempered glass, the screen protectors offer a precise fit with edge-to-edge protection. An Oleophobic coating reduces smudges and the glass, protective as it is, is thin enough that you won’t lose any touch sensitivity.

The kit comes with the screen protector itself and includes screen cleaning and alignment tools so you can get a clean install.

Nomad Screen Protector

Nomad has this to say:

Designed to provide impact and scratch protection without sacrificing screen sensitivity or visibility. Made from extremely tough tempered glass, each screen protector is custom cut to our dimensions for edge to edge protection and a precise fit.


  • Japanese made tempered glass
  • Premium quick bonding adhesive
  • Non-alcohol based cleaning wipe
  • Dust removal stickers
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Polycarbonate alignment tool
  • Glass thickness: 0.33mm
  • Compatible with MagSafe

We have review samples of the Nomad Leather Skin and Nomad Screen Protector for the iPhone 12 series on the way, so we’ll have full reviews soon.

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