Music Skins Keep Your Devices Rocking


Carly Z: There are some moments that make you think the people around you are psychic. I remember sitting in my friend’s dorm room in college studying for a final, when she suddenly stopped, took a looooooooooooong drag on her cigarette, and looked at me with my bright dyed hair and worn out Descendents sweatshirt and said, “Brandeis will suuuuuuuuuuuuuuck the puuuuuuuuuuuunk out of you.” Sadly, she was right. But I can recapture a little of that ol’ punk-ass spirit with a MusicMatch skin for my MacBook. Music Skins Keep Your Devices RockingSo what if I live in suburbia now? I feel way cooler with my Sex Pistols MacBook skin, which is quite yellow and fits the lid of my MacBook perfectly.

Though to be fair, it’s not very “punk rock” to pay $30 for a simple skin for the lid only. On the other hand, my MacBook likes it. I’m pretty sure I heard it humming “God Save the Queen” the other day…

Music Skins are not limited to your computer.

Here are a few examples for other devices and some feedback from Adrian who installed his to a BlackBerry Curve.


Adrian Leibas: Ok so I am definitely into anything that protects my electronic Holy Grail from my 16-month old son Cooper. He just has a way of either chewing a silicone BlackBerry skin to shreds or trying to plop my phone in his newest found toy….the toilet!

I had never used a skin on a device before but was willing to give the MusicMatch Skin for my BlackBerry Curve a try. Upon arrival, it looked simple enough to apply, even though some people may want an application illustration.

It was easy enough, the hardest part was aligning it correctly, but the fact that it is removable made it a breeze to peel off and try again. I decided to go with the “Harmony Through Education” skin as I do a lot of work with my local board of education. The colors were very vibrant and crisp on
both the front and back. So far Cooper has given the MusicMatch Skin a few chews but has yet to rip or even scratch it, it may be the diamondlike pattern that is embossed on the skin, but so far it is a winner in my book. About my only complaint is that they possibly look into expanding outside the music genre and maybe offer some sports or other themes….but then would it really be a MusicMatch Skin?

Here are some other examples of the Music Skins that are available:

For Guitar Hero – available for XBOX/PS3Wii – $25

Music Skins Keep Your Devices Rocking

For BlackBerry StormThe Devil Wears Prada – $15:

blackberry storm music skin

Taylor Swift BlackBerry Curve Skin (Other device options available featuring Taylor Swift image) – $15

Music Skins Keep Your Devices Rocking

Enve Clothing – Obama Laptop Skin (13″ to 17″ available ) – $30

Music Skins Keep Your Devices RockingAstronaut Laptop Skins – $30:

Music Skins Keep Your Devices Rocking

What We Like: Quirky and original way to protect your portable gadgets

What Needs Improvement: More artists and cool designs

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