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July 15, 2009 • Reviews

AppMiner Review

AppMiner lets you browse more of the top apps, gives you a better search, finds price drops, lets you customize your categories and much more. Best of all, we are offering this app for FREE, so get it before we come to our senses!

With the App Store’s birthday here, the amount of apps available is overwhelming!  We all need a way to sort through the apps.  How do we find what is on sale?  How do we find what is new?  AppMiner is a place to start.  Basically this app is a way to monitor the app store for the newest releases or price drops.  A great way for app freaks like me to watch what is new, or wait for that special app to go on sale.

The app breaks down your search several different ways.  When choosing “new” or “sale” apps can be viewed by category, or by Top 100.  The Top 100 category is a nice touch.  If a new or on sale app is included in the top 100 it can now be found instantly.  All of the new or sale apps are also viewable together.  I found these categories very useful in sorting through the mass of apps.

Another great feature is the Top Rated category.  Browse the top 100 apps by featured, top 100, or category.  I am actually finding this more advanced and usable than searching the app store on my phone.  While in each category the search may be refined to paid, free, or release date.  Again, being able to view rated apps in so many ways will help refine and speed up any app search.  My only complaint of the app is the fact that star ratings are not included.  That would be my first request in the next update.

The other options available is a search feature and watch feature.  The search is straight forward and works much like the app store search.  Search can best be used in tandem with the watch feature.  If there is a desired app that is not blue plate special worthy, just watch the app and wait until it goes on sale.  Almost every app changes price from time to time.  When that must have app goes on sale now, download it immediately before the price goes back up.

Anyone who searches apps will get use from AppMiner.  This one is totally free and available here from the app store.

What I like: The many options to search for apps.  I will use this one daily.

What I don’t: Add the star ratings from the app store!

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