iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

One thing most of us can agree on – finding games on the iTunes App Store (or Android Market or Amazon Appstore or Microsoft Marketplace for that matter) can be a daunting task: if you know the exact name you will have no problem … but if not, you are in for quite a challenge! Hoping to help navigate at least their own corner of the App Store as well as Mac and PC games, G5 introduces the G5 Games Navigator. Let’s take a quick look!

The Hype:
Find quality casual games in the App Store! Stay updated on G5’s latest game releases, news, discounts, and giveaways with Games Navigator – By G5 Games. Browse G5 Game’s catalog, watch game trailers and learn what’s new at G5 Games. Be the first to learn about new games and download them as soon as they are available!

iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

The Reality:

Sometimes things that seem obvious after they have been introduced, and G5 Games Navigator is definitely one of those! It isn’t the first time there has been a ‘games catalog’ on the iTunes App Store, but whereas those previous efforts were entirely self-serving and were generally links to microgames looking to extract money from you, this time things are different.

The G5 Games Navigator offers a clean four-panel interface, providing access to their iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC games. Simply tap a section and you get a list of all games on that platform in reverse chronological order. The newest releases have a ‘NEW’ tag, and all games have their icon displayed.

iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

Tapping on a game on the list brings you to the detail page for that game. You get the basic summary of what type of game to expect, how much content is included and what sorts of added features to unlock. You also can view some screenshots and the full trailer. Finally, there is a link to the iTunes App Store listing for the game (or the Mac App Store, or the PC store at G5). If there is a Free and Full version you get two links, otherwise just a single link to the game.

There is already a separate Android version of this app that is available on the Android Market, specifically focused on the Android platform.

The only real concern I had was in the Mac and PC sections – when browsing Mac games, you click the link which pops open the App Store on the device (iPad in my case) and then comes to a screen telling you to head to the Mac App Store. While I love the information contained in the listing, it seems that the app should be self-aware enough to simply pop up a dialog telling me to head to the Mac App Store without all of the other machinations.

iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

The app also provides access to the G5 Games Twitter and Facebook pages, and also the ability to send an email to their Support group. These are all useful and efficient additions – especially since the Facebook and Twitter pages are integrated into the app rather than popping out to yet another page.

The G5 Games Navigator is a simple, efficient, ‘does exactly what you think’ app. And since it dynamically updates content as needed, you will always be up to date with the great games coming out of G5. If you already have an interest in G5 and their games, this is a great way to keep track of their constant flow of great new games!

iPad/iPhone App Review: G5 Games Navigator

Where to Buy: iTunes App Store

Price: FREE

What I Like: Excellent interface; simple ‘does what you think’ approach; loads of content; dynamic updates mean you are constantly informed; direct links to buy games

What Needs Improvement: Load times are a bit long.

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