Fawski Feeder Review

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There are close to a million choices when it comes to bowl feeders for your dog.

Most are of the plain jane variety, either stainless steel or hard plastic.

A few are ceramic and have painted designs on them.

But what about those people who leave their dog’s bowls out all day and are interested in maintaining the overall look and design of their kitchen?

Or those  just looking for a way to make easting easier on their dog?

The Fawski feeder might be just what you’re looking for.

Last year I took a stroll through a local dog show and came across Frank Woelfling and his wife in their booth.

Frank makes handcrafted, raised dog bowls that he calls the Fawski Feeder.

And these are not just any dog bowl.

The Fawski Feeder is handcrafted from the wood of your choosing (Cherry, Oak or Walnut).

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And then topped with a Corian top that you also select.

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The feeders come in various heights and Frank works with you to determine what the proper height your dog should be eating from is.

Why raised bowls?  Frank offers this explanation:

Why raise the bowls?

Raising the bowls off the floor helps our pet companions in these areas:

  1. Better posture, especially with older animals.

  2. Food moves from the mouth to the stomach more easily for better digestion.

  3. Less stress on the small pasterns (canine forearm/wrist area).

  4. Less stress on hips and shoulder area.

A raised feeder will make your best friend’s life more enjoyable.

And the number of bowls (1 or 2) and their size (in qts.) can also be customized.

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There are several leg designs to choose from as well.


In our case we were able to pick out a bowl with wood that matches our cabinets and a Corian top that matches our kitchen counter.


This makes it fit in our kitchen perfectly.

Cody loves his Fawski Feeder.

We chose the one bowl variety.  Cody eats two times a day and he eats his food all at once.  Frank says this is how most dogs eat, so why leave an empty food bowl out all day?  He provides two stainless steel bowls with the feeder.  We feed Cody his food in one and when his finished place the other, filled with water, into the feeder until it’s time for him to eat again.


The Fawski Feeder starts at $150 and is priced based on the materials you choose.

It’s certainly not the most inexpensive dog bowl around, but isn’t your best friend worth it?

Mine is.  🙂


You can learn more about the Fawski Feeder right on the fawskiraisedfeeders.

M.S.R.P. – $150 – ?

What I like – matches our kitchen, 100% customizable, puts dog in proper eating posture, hand crafted.

What I don’t like – nothing.

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