Gear Diary’s CES 2013 Taxi Confessions Part 1

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My first year at CES was 2009. The economy was in the tank and, as a result, the event was relatively small and scaled back. Most of the action took place at the Las Vegas Convention Center with a few scattered meetings in a handful of hotel suites. Not so this year. While the Convention Center is hopping CES has also taken over the Convention Center next to the Mandalay Bay and more meetings that ever are taking place in hotel suites. As a result Judie and I are spending more time in taxis than ever.

Our first cab ride together was with a 71 year old cabbie who retired 7 years ago but whose wife told him, “Welcome to retirement… now get a job.”(You know how it goes- “For better or worse but not for lunch…”) He had some great stories so… we decided to films him.

We were amused enough that we asked the next driver to tell us some stories. The first he shared was far too raunchy for Gear Diary. We asked him for a slightly cleaner one and this is what he said.

Can you even imagine what Las Vegas cabbies see? As one driver put it, “People let themselves to things here that they would NEVER do elsewhere.” We’re trying to get a few more examples on camera. 🙂

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  1. Most cab drivers in Vegas are pretty cool. But the last time we were there, we had a guy that was the WORST driver out there, and we were genuinely afraid for our lives! He was driving across lanes of oncoming traffic and we had more than 1 narrow miss! The tip-off was that he had his name covered up on his taxi license, but I uncovered it to see his real name, because we reported his behavior to the authorities, and refused to let him take on additional passengers after he dropped us off. Happy you’re having fun the the cabs & the videos are fun!

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