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Buying a laptop case has always been a challenge for a very simple reason: very few laptops share the same external dimensions. This is a problem that goes back to my first two portables – the Compaq LTE and Mac Portable, which were vastly different in size and configuration. As a result, many of us who have depended on laptops for years have an odd collection of ill-fitting bags scattered in our storage areas. Some were included with laptops, others we bought to fit whatever laptop seemed like it would be the center of our lives for years to some. Some bags – specifically backpack and messenger bags – can serve a variety of uses, but when dealing with smaller laptops, having the perfect fit and the smallest footprint possible is critical. Casecrown looks to serve the newest class of portables – netbooks – with perfect fit bags that look great, provide the best possible protection and also the smallest size.

The Hype:

CaseCrown 10 Black Nylon Slim Pocket Case provides a perfect protection for your netbooks. This ultra light and thin pouch is made of premium shock absorbing double memery foam and it provides extra protection for the netbooks. The exterior nylon material provides a soft feel yet very durable against wear and scratch. The case features 4 internal straps that hold your netbook securely so you don’t even have to take your netbook out of the case while using it. The front pocket can accommodate the adapter

FEATURES- Snug, Customized Fit For Your Netbooks
– Premium Quality Shock-Absorbing Double Memory Foam Interior
– Water & Wear Resistant; Zipper Scratch-Free Exterior Material
– Light & Thin Compact Design
– Internal Supporting Bands To Secure Your Gad


The Reality:

The first package I recieved in the mail from CaseCrown was actually a Slim Case, which lacks an external pocket. This showed me a few things: first, a great look at the excellent padding; next, I got to see how useful the bag would be; and finally, I got to experience CaseCrown’s excellent customer service! Within days I had the opportunity to try out the Slim Pocket Case.


Immediately the environmentalist in me was impressed – the bag was minimally packed but completely protected. Removing it from the mailing envelope and simple sleeve revealed a very solidly built but very small bag. The pocket on the outside is small, but certainly large enough to hold the AC adapter for my Lenovo S10. The inner pocket was just slightly larger than the S10, enough to hold it and some papers and not much more. Again, since that is the purpose of this bag, it felt perfectly sized.


Two more notes on the protection – first, the insides of the bag are memory foam, just like the famous mattresses. While I was not ready to bang on my laptop inside the case to prove how well the padding worked, I did put my hand inside and poke the outside with a screwdriver and was surprised at how well the force was distributed into the foam. I am not claiming that his will make your laptop break-proof, but considering that the walls are no thicker than a standard case, the padding is very nicely done. The other thing is that there is a small solid padding element along the bottom to protect the edge of your netbook. Again, not foolproof, but for a case that is so small it is a great touch.


Since I seldom travel light, I was determined to figure out just how much I could fit into the bag – or more specifically, the pocket. If I didn’t need the AC adapter, I could hold a PDA and either an iPod or a portable mouse. Trying a full-sized USB mouse and the AC adapter didn’t work, though. That put some boundaries around what I could do – while I am fine without a mouse for a while, it meant that traveling would require me to put a mouse in an external bag or my suitcase.


Just for fun I decided to see how the bag would fit the two older ultraportables I still have – a HP Omnibook 800CT and a Toshiba Portege 3480CT. First, the Toshiba. It features a 11.3″ screen and an extended palm-rest area, so I doubted it would fit properly. The width was fin, but since the aspect ratio is different, it was too long. In terms of accessories, the 10 year old AC adapter was no larger than the one for my Lenovo!


Finally, the HP Omnibook. This beast is nearly 15 years old and remains one of my favorite all-time computers. I have previously held it in the laptop case that came with my Compaq LTE almost 18 years ago, which fit nicely but offered almost no protection! I was amazed that it actually fit! It was a tight squeeze, but using it for an older ‘pop-out mouse’ Omnibook is definitely an option! Oh, except for the AC adapter, which is a mega-block!


I have been able to put the bag to the test immediately! I was recently elected secretary of a professional society I belong to, and that means taking minutes and being organized with forms and reports and so on – netbook to the rescue! But I don’t need to lug a huge bag – just my netbook, AC adapter in case the meetings run too long, a USB flash drive and a few papers. The CaseCrown


So what of the other bag? Don’t worry – it is not languishing! It keeps busy holding our 3 PSPs when we travel or go on extended car trips! We put the one with the original sleeve case in the middle, and all three are perfectly protected!


My final thoughts? If you have a netbook, and don’t like stuffing it in a huge case for general purpose use, these cases are an absolute must-buy. First rate construction, padding, and attention to delivering exactly what is needed in a netbook case – all at a very affordable price – makes this an easy choice.

Where to Buy: Casecrown


Price: $25.92

What I Like:
– Solid construction.
– Great padding system
– Perfect size
– Just enough storage

What Needs Improvement:
– Nothing

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  1. I have the “8.9” Classic Slim Pocket Case – Black” from CaseCrown (or actually from “Burnoaa” or “Senyx”, since they all seem to sell the same cases made in Korea) and love it. It is black vinyl instead of nylon, but other wise it’s just a slightly smaller version. I carry my Acer Aspire One (8.9″ screen model) and it is as you say, a great little case. My only comment is that I’m not comfortable using my Acer while it’s still in the case, as it seems to block the vents on the bottom.

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