“Have a Coke and a…..” telephone call?

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Budget Gadgets.com is a web site devoted to electronics, gadgets and other fun gizmos all sold at very affordable prices.

The company recent sent me a few items to review.

The first being their Coca Cola style telephone.

Not only does the phone look incredibly realistic but it actually works as a real phone.

The phone itself looks just like a cup of soda complete with a real plastic lid and straw.

Under the lid they’ve even added a black plastic insert to give the appearance that the cup is full of cola.

The telephone cord plugs into a standard phone port on the back.


The keypad is hidden underneath the bottom of the cup.

The button in the middle serves to hang up the phone so that when you place it down it gets depressed and your call is ended.

It took a little getting used to dialing on the circular keypad.  The keypad has a retro feel reminiscent of the old rotary style phones.


The phone has a large speaker at the top near the lid for your ear.


And a small microphone hidden near the bottom where you speak into.


The few test calls I made came out clear.  I wouldn’t describe the ear piece volume as super loud.  Since the speaker is hidden behind the cup it’s not right up against your ear.  I didn’t have any issues hearing though.  I imagine this would only be a concern if you planned to use the phone in an extremely noisy environment.

Everyone is moving towards cordless and cellular phones.  But I like to keep one wired phone around in case of power loss.  Priced at under $14 this Coca Cola phone is one that’s perfect for this.  It’s also perfect for the novelty lover, child’s room or right smack in the middle of your kitchen counter too.

Budget Gadgets is offering the readers of Gear Diary a promo code worth 5% off an items ordered from their online store.

Just enter the promo code “LM5OFF4” at check out.

M.S.R.P. – $12-$14 (depending on quantity ordered)

What I like – fun nostalgic product, wired phone.

What I don’t like – ear piece can be hard to hear in loud environments.

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