Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

OK, I am definitely a product of the 80’s & 90’s…nothing beats GI Joe (uh..the original!), Saved By the Bell, Alf (yeah that just happened), and Polaroid pictures! Unless you are able to track down one of these relics at a yard sale or flea market, what can you do?.

The folks over at have created an online utility that allows you to take your digital photos and turn them into authentic looking Polaroid pictures….except you can’t hold them and of course no shaking either unless you want to pick up your screen, which is not recommended.

The utility gives you 12 different choices to change the orientation, size, color, or focus of the original picture. There are also the options to apply borders or writing(see above) to the Polaroid-esque photos. Once you have created your new photo the utility gives you the option to download it, email it, or even send it to an online album like Flickr or even Facebook & Twitter.  Overall, is is a very fun utility that I actually lost about an hour and a half of my night to, I have included a few of my test photos. Also for all you iPhone users, take a look at Judie’s article here for a similar iPhone App.

And the best thing about the, IT’S FREE. They do ask for a donation, which for a service as fun as this is, I hope people will contribute.

Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids

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3 Comments on "Rollip Makes Your Photos Look Like Polaroids"

  1. This looks really neat! I’ll give it a try. 🙂

  2. My younger son is a huge fan of Polaroids … he bought and restored an old 1960’s Polaroid camera this year at a yard sale, but can’t afford the $100+ for the film … he might just dig this!

  3. Adrian Leibas | September 3, 2009 at 9:08 pm |

    Michael-wow let me know if he ever plans on getting rid of that. It would be nice for a company to make thicker photo paper that would give the physical feel of a Polaroid.

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