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May 18, 2012 • News

Tweet It! for Windows Phone Now Free until Tomorrow Evening

Yesterday was Khamidov Timur’s birthday. No, no, not the 14th century Turkic Mongol conqueror, but the modern developer of a very nice Twitter app named Tweet It! for Windows Phone, and you, dear reader, get the gift! For the next 36 hours or so his Tweet It! app is free!

From the developer:

Simple, but Powerful!

Fast and awesome UI!

It’s all about “Tweet It!”

Tweet endlessly. Tweet comfortably! Tweet like no-one else before! Even if there is no Internet connection you can use built in drafts so your tweets will never be lost.

It’s “Faster Tweeting!” feature lets you Post your thoughts instantly, post what you are currently listening to quickly, add pictures from your gallery or take new shots quickly with pinable tiles and built in helpers.

User selectable modes will make using your timeline a joy. From “Street Mode” to “Shake to Refresh” and “Pull to Refresh” they will help you make the most of twitter, offering  dedicated night reading modes or even prevent you from bumping into somebody in the street.

So, if you’re in the market for a nice Twitter app for Windows Phone, head on over to the Windows Marketplace and get it here, or click on the QR code below.

For those new to Windows Phone, you need only click on the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the Windows key on your phone, click the second-from-right “eye” icon, let the built-in scanner read the Marketplace path and then click on the URL to allow Windows Marketplace to install it.

4 Responses to " Tweet It! for Windows Phone Now Free until Tomorrow Evening "

  1. Thanks for posting this! I just grabbed it, and I like it much better than the official Twitter app and the other two (paid apps) I’ve tried. =)

    • Bryan Eley says:

      Yes, I was trolling the marketplace for twitter apps after picking up the free version of Gleek yesterday and getting a “cheapskate” tag. I saw Tweet It! and dug a little deeper and found Timur’s birthday tweet. FYI, Tweet It! tries to do weekly or bi-weekly updates and is working on a WP8 version.

    • Bryan Eley says:

      I found Tweet It! while looking for twitter apps the other day. I had picked up the free version of Gleek (and got a cheapskate tag 😉 ) and later came across Tweet It! In digging deeper I found Timur’s birthday post and announcement and quickly grabbed it and decided to help spread the word. (Edit: Something happened to my prior response…I must have inadvertently deleted it–doh!)

  2. Khamidov Timur says:

    best rewiev of the “Tweet It!” ever! thanks you 🙂

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