Life+Gear 200 Hour Glow Sticks Review


We have all seen the cyalume glow sticks that you snap and then shake to get a chemiluminescent glow.  Kids love them, but there is one downside: You can’t turn them off.  Imagine having a glowstick that you can not only turn off, but at the press of a button you could make that glow stick into a regular flashlight.  That is essentially what we have with the Lifegear 200 Hour Glow Sticks.

These look like a chemical glow stick at first, but on closer inspection there are two white LEDs in the base.  One points to the bottom of the stick.  This is the flashlight part of this device.

Lifegear 200 Hour Glow Stick Flashlight

This is activated by the first push of the button.

The second LED points into the translucent handle.  The next push of the button activates the glow stick mode which lights up this LED.


Finally, on the third push of the button is the coolest feature of this glowstick is the flashing mode.

On the end of the glowstick is a cap; that cap protects a handy whistle.


The main reason to get these glowsticks is for them to be kept in your disaster kit for use in a emergency situation,  However, I can see these being used while camping as well as any time you need to bring extra attention to yourself at night.  It might not be a bad idea to hold one of these off of your hand while on a walk at night, or you could tie them on your pack to mark the leader while on a night hike.  With so many uses, I will likely be picking even more of these up.

They are available in Red, Blue, Green and Orange colors from the Life+Gear web site for $5.99.

What I liked: They are compact and have mutiple functions.  They also have enough battery life to get you through many campouts.  You may not need batteries for the entire summer.  Batteries are replaceable as well, with the light being powered by three button cell batteries.

What needs improvement: Nothing.

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  1. Nice review. An additional use for the Life+Gear 200 Hour Glow Sticks would be for emergency lighting in the home. I am sure they would be a hit with the kids at night

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