Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight Review


Being an outdoorsman can be taxing on the gear I use. Everything I carry is subject to being dropped and knocked around, as well as the elements. I usually go through several lights a year due to them breaking or getting wet. Rayovac may solve this issue with the Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight. Can the $39.99 spotlight hold up?

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight Review

This spotlight features 500 Lumens of high quality LED light. The light is built to withstand a 15 foot drop including a shatterproof lens and reflector, waterproof submersible and runs on six AA batteries providing up to 10 hours of light on high power.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight Review

The spotlight (which comes with Rayovac batteries) is a nice size and weight compared to other lights I have used in the past. It fits well in my hunting pack, yet it still packs a punch. A rubberized material encases the light, giving it a rugged feel; at first glance, I knew the light could hold up to normal outdoor abuse. Pressing the trigger once turns the light on high which provides 360m of bright light, press again for medium power and once more for low; a fourth press turns the light off. I am glad that the spotlight stays lit without holding the trigger which is often the case. I did not drop the light from the rated 15 feet, but I did hold it above my head and dropped it several times with no issues; this thing is tough.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight Review

Having bright light is one thing, but how well it performs at long distances really is important. The Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight does a great job of focusing the high beam at long distances. I was able to spot items at long distances without light dispersing to a wider range around them. The light performs as well as any batter powered spotlights I have used in the past.


One of my favorite features of this light the ability to submerge it in water. This does not mean that it can be used as an underwater light, but a quick drop into water or some rain will not adversely affect it. This can be a huge benefit in an emergency storm situation, and I plan on taking it with me night fishing this summer. I often hunt in rainy conditions, and it is comforting to know the light will have no problems working for me. I did some of my own tests in the back yard, and the waterproof feature works as advertised.

I love rugged, no-nonsense outdoor gear, and the Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight fits the bill. It is built ruggedly and is waterproof, while providing superior spotlight capability on a budget price. This light has found a place in my hunting backpack, and it will be with me when I night fish and camp this summer. At $39.99 and running on only six AA batteries, this spotlight is a must have.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Spotlight

MSRP: $39.99

What I like: Rugged, waterproof and super bright light; Small enough to carry in my hunting backpack

What can be improved: So far, I love this thing as is

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample

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